Whole…stardust moments

We move through invisible lines
We are the dust of a thousand stars
That come before
The thought of you and I
Revolving in and out of words
The magic of time and space moving
Bringing simple words and the joy
Of truth in love
You come to me here
New pages to be written
Simmering behind eyes that see
The magical gifts
Sweet delights of senses floating
The nectar of Gods lay in history
Waiting to be savored gently
Glimpse of yesterday
Floating free this tiny speck
Unnoticed yet so important
As it is we
And we are a part of the endlessness
Once more to become

Very awesome image found at : http://www.redesignrevolution.com/ethereal-photos-of-dust-landscapes/

17 thoughts on “Whole…stardust moments

  1. Thank you so very much for that awesome comment. I thank you and will now ask if you’ve taken your meds yet today? Haha, just kidding…I can be funny too sometimes. I am taking a bow as we speak and smiling from ear to ear. Thanks for making my morning shine my friend, peace and blessings, Kim

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  2. Smiles and knows the feeling….some days just have that feel and when the words flow without thought, magic happens. Glad I could shed some magic cosmic fairy-like dust upon your soul today😊 peace and blessings, Kim

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  3. YES! This is exactly how I feel, and you express the rather inexpressible beautifully in this poem. We are stardust arrived and we return as stardust, forever in the universe, forever part of love.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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