A guiding light…flowing

I see through this love
Stars that follow me in dreams
The melody of the cosmic night unfolds
Soothing me in my sleep.
Whispered colors blending through
Imagined spaces where I float above
Capturing the sparkle
To set free in daylights rainy hours.
I remember this place I’ve never been,
Perhaps in another time
When I had been just a thought slipping between
The sheets of clouds
Silky like an image too beautiful to behold
And I stand in awe of the power
Of this love affair
Of galaxies and colors
I open my soul
To embrace
The majestic moment
As it unfolds.

I love the photography found on this blog, please stop by and explore the beauty of a world on film. Peace and blessings.
Stunning photo found at : http://mohnphoto.com/2015/09/12/yesterdays-starry-night/#jp-carousel-2506