Rhythm of the universe

Stars lay on the midnight page
Staccato image pulsating
To the silence of
The solitary soul
Who hears
The rhythm of the universe,
The underlying bass throb
Of life joins
Winds that blow through like gentle flutes
Serenade moving along with
The song of feathers
Shaking off the rain
Tap tap tap
Keeping the beat
On the window pane
Sliding down unheard.
We speak in hushed tones
At this concert of everyday life
Reading the program that lies empty
Never knowing what will come next.
The crash of lightning like drums,
The brass of horns at cars moving by,
The peace of a piano concerto
Like trickling creeks
Flowing endlessly beyond view?
Set down the paper to join in song
With words only we hear
That keep pace
With the steadying beat
Of a heart alive.

Image: Song of Songs IV by Marc Chagall

A cup of joy

Seasons change bringing chill
Hands reach for the warmth
Of words and pieces
Heart created design
Like the web reaching out
As if to find me waiting.
He said
She said
Coming together to share
Time and place at home comforted
By the silky blends
That make us unique.
Strong and smooth
Rich and sweet
Harvest flavor of pumpkin spice
Cinnamon scents to tease the senses
Loving it all and then some
I pour a cup of verse to share
And I will join you there
Where the morning sun finds
A table of friends
At the place we daily meet,
Where publishing is such a treat.

In response to : http://writingwingsforyou.com/2015/09/13/more-coffee-talk-collaboration-anyone/. Which was in response to https://thepoetrychannel.wordpress.com/2015/09/12/more-cream-in-my-coffee/#comments.
I think we have a whole lot brewing…come for a cuppa…..welcome.