A cup of joy

Seasons change bringing chill
Hands reach for the warmth
Of words and pieces
Heart created design
Like the web reaching out
As if to find me waiting.
He said
She said
Coming together to share
Time and place at home comforted
By the silky blends
That make us unique.
Strong and smooth
Rich and sweet
Harvest flavor of pumpkin spice
Cinnamon scents to tease the senses
Loving it all and then some
I pour a cup of verse to share
And I will join you there
Where the morning sun finds
A table of friends
At the place we daily meet,
Where publishing is such a treat.

In response to : http://writingwingsforyou.com/2015/09/13/more-coffee-talk-collaboration-anyone/. Which was in response to https://thepoetrychannel.wordpress.com/2015/09/12/more-cream-in-my-coffee/#comments.
I think we have a whole lot brewing…come for a cuppa…..welcome.

17 thoughts on “A cup of joy

  1. I like a bit of sugar boost when traveling to keep me going…at home I actually take it black and strong. But I especially love it over conversation☕️😊


  2. I enjoy any hot beverage but coffee with cream is one of my favorites. This looked like a pretty fancy cup of joe. 🙂 I like cocoa and hot tea, too. Sharing moments in conversation while sipping on one of these is relaxing.

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  3. I love coconut too, I wonder if you could take regular chai coffee and add coconut milk to give it the flavor….I make a drink with coconut milk, coconut rum, whip it together with a little coconut water and add some cinnamon ….blend it with some crushed ice and it is awesome on hot summer days….can’t drink too much of it though. The real recipe calls for five different kinds of rum…..I find it a tad bit excessive so use a lighter alcohol content coconut rum. Mm mm….getting thirsty now😊🍹🌴


  4. I like the sound of that, even if it is a bit evil. I’ve had this thing called a Coconut Chai Latte but unfortunately the cafe where I had it closed and I’ve tried once unsuccessfully to order one elsewhere. This thing was like drinking through a huge coconut cloud. I’ll have to keep looking xx Rowena

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  5. I love anything pumpkin….the pumpkin spice is like a blend of cinnamon, allspice,etc…..with frothy whipped cream…it’s like eating a pumpkin pie. Lotsa calories thoug, I drink one every few weeks. Usually drink mine black and strong😀☕️

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  6. Well done. Enjoyed your poem. I had to smile at the pumpkin spice. I’ve never seen this flavour in Australia, although it could well be here. I heard about it through another blogger and I can’t wait to try it. xx Rowena

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