The steps to truth

Each step forward
Moving upward towards the skies
As water falls like rain
On the questioning soul.
Searching for the Courage to keep going
Still not quite trusting it all
Yet below the rocks and crevices
The jagged darkened thoughts hide
Images of clear waters,
A current that is as old as time
Running peacefully
Towards its destination.
The quest to understanding
In honest contemplation
Setting free the mind to all that is,
To all that will be
As it always was
So simple and sublime
In its truth.
Standing alone against the backdrop of days
Feeling the culmination of years,
The moments that led you here
High on this hill
Watching as it all unfolds
Just for you.
The miracles of failure and lessons taught
Building the resolve to keep on
To take one more step
And then another
Setting free the fear
Of falling,
Of reaching the end


14 thoughts on “The steps to truth

  1. Every day, each moment finds me with my magic eye to the depths of what lies below…sometimes I see it, sometimes not so much…but I try😊 thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed😊 K

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  2. I thought you might enjoy…I thought of you when I was halfway through and said, b would understand😊 see, I’m right sometimes. I still have to figure out how to self publish. I’m in an anthology on Amazon but I think I’d love to do one of just my own😊


  3. This is a beautiful poem, Kim! You really should try to submit more of your poems to get published or perhaps try self-publishing (though I’m not sure how that really works). I love this poem and parts of it make me think of my struggle with anxiety. Great job!

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