And I shall…

Warm drops fall in the quiet of morning
in places older than time
that began before I was a thought,
before I became.
Roots grow deep below the earth
invisible lines moving outward
reaching for the life
to sustain a thought
born of a moment
nestled in the eerie glow
a shimmering pool moving
with the moisture of dawn.
I shall be one with each word
each memory made
as clocks tick forward without end,
no broken glass casing to stop
the moving hand that keeps going ’round
like the sun that is born each day
and the moon that follows,
like a dog to his master
says silently, wait for me please….
as these days I grow weary and tired
keeping company with my thoughts
can be such a lonely world,
and if you stop and wait for me
where the mossy oak stands,
I shall sit beside you for a while
and feed your soul the energy of
this simple love as you reach for me
and I shall be there
I shall be there for you and
I shall carry you through.
We will not break the bond,
this silence of the moment
for in it will be the lifes nectar,
like the song of these birds that fly
chirping their lectures to those below,
and we will know,
we will pay heed to their words of song,
for they see more than we,
those wise feathered friends,
sitting upon the top of this tree.
As we stand below on the roots
that go deep
under our feet as we remain here
for this journey,
a part of the greater whole
and it shall be