Silent guest

You watch me through cracks
in the surface of a shuttered life
silently staring
eyes curious and large,
outside looking in.
Hello my friend
glad you could drop by,
took the time to stop and say Hi.
Would you like to come in?
I don’t think that would do.
Make sure to wipe your feet?
Your paws?
your round orbed sticky bits
that allow you to climb so high
to squeeze in unnoticed
to keep company
But soon I must go
but when I return
I will capture you with detail,
I shall show the smile you hide so well,
goodbye little funny creature
and when I return
we will hang around and take selfies
you and me
with the glass that lies between
your world and mine.
I shall venture out to say hello again
and I shall think of you with a grin,
and remember your night song
trilling in the wind.

My new window friend in Florida that I found when letting in the morning sun. Sorry for the poor resolution but it truly was the cutest little thing. Made me smile and I called him Happy.