Lights within and beyond

In sleep I see them
Each thought and dream floating
Dancing about me in my mind
Like tiny lights glistening
Whispering watch me,
Follow to see
The magic we hold
For you.
Diamond points reflected
A path to the journey
That daily unfolds before me
To step here or there
Or perhaps sitting silently in place
Just watching
Feeling the warmth as life opens
Each light like a firefly
Flickering in the darkness
Playfully lighting the way
To this moment.
And I try to capture one
As it moves back and forth
Yet always out of reach as if
Playing a child’s game of hide and seek,
You can’t hold on
But letting it slip away it grows brighter
And these thoughts that become things,
Each dream that comes to fruition
Clears the darkness of pain and suffering
And as the sun rises
And the stars set
I feel a part of it all,
I am a piece of the cosmic puzzle
That comes together to create
Amazing possibilities
That began with one million sparks
Of thought.