Chasing the moon

Night orb moves through
Calling me from this restless sleep
As somewhere
Out there he moves in the darkness
Chasing the moon.
I stand beyond the glass
Haze of pink nestles the form
So far away
Yet so close.
Changes taking place
In thoughts and words and
Butterfly houses empty
Waiting to be filled
With the joy of sun,
As she will come to wash away
With morning rain the silence
Of a midnight moment
Where the waiting happens
For the magic to begin.
Thoughts race to the emptiness
Of the night sky lit
By a beautiful moment
She wonders if she will remember
Another day and place
Similar to this one
As the journey propels the body
Her soul flies free for but a moment
In that space in time
Where life is eclipsed by truth
And she has returned to find
The family she left behind
Searching for
Her new day
In the emptiness between sentences
And the images
That time cannot forget.
The sweetness of history reborn
Dancing amongst Luna’s beams
Alone yet not so
For her thoughts occupied with the music
In the symphony of now.

Beautiful image captured by my father.


16 thoughts on “Chasing the moon

  1. Thanks Robin I am so glad you enjoyed it. Been going I eighty direction lately but having fun with the creative thoughts that drift through😊 peace and blessings, K


  2. Thanks so much, my dad is such a gifted photographer, sends me these amazingly inspiring images, the words always seem to come to me when beauty is present😊 peace and blessings, Kim


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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