Words broken and a walnut heart

I watched the mist like falling rain
As images of broken glass trickled through
This mind relaxed
And adrift in the spaces within
Where the tales grow rich
Like fields of flowers that just become
From nowhere
Rising up to be.
I floated there for a spell
Hearing a voice of a sage weaving words
That I suddenly could not grasp,
That I could not hold for fear
Of sentences slipping away
Without a song to call its own.
I saw a perfect tree nut,
Hanging alone with strings of black
Stirred by the wind it fell to the ground below
Finding itself cracked Into two,
A heart severed from the other
Shapes and places no longer resembling
The microcosm of which it grew
A reflection of itself
From one piece to another
This walnut held in a hand
Nestled in its woody home safe.
The tortured sky shattered in a thousand pieces
As bits of light came upon me
Set free from the sun,
No two alike yet
Mirrored pieces, each shard jagged and unique
Looking within to see
The same face staring back at me
And I thought of you then,
Your voice soft from beyond,
To hear your stories woven
From the fragile mind so whole
That reaches out into darkness
To gather like twigs a nest to lie upon,
A book of miracles and days filled
With pieces of you,
Each word filled in images
The colors of moons and the sound of silence
Where I heard your hymn
On a sparrows wing
Filled with the childlike laughter
And this nut fell to the ground
As a gift to the creatures
Sitting high watching the world below,
And I walked the path through these woods
Soft bed of moss to quiet
The quest of this searching soul.
Photo sent after reading this post by Dad.

Beautiful image found at : http://www.diyphotography.net/beautiful-broken-mirror-sunsets-anything-bad-luck/