Tripping on stars

Dreams cascade like mountain streams
Filling air with chilling breath
Beneath the cotton of layers
Shade blows back and forth
Nights kiss on whispering wind.
Sentences uttered from a nameless face
Over fences stretching across borders
Looking the same from over there to here
Clouds divide the stars above
Tripping over thoughts
Once more to pick up
Gathering together and leaving behind
The few lost into the earth.
Connected dots of cosmic illusions
The dipper overflowing with rain
Not so Sirius after all
As my mind searches the darkness
Waiting on the moon that slipped away
When I wasn’t watching,
And the puddles catch my jeans
Rising higher too late now
To turn back and change
If only to do it all over again
The repetition of days
Lived by the sane who keep moving
Feet on the ground and a head in the sky
Following red lights to jungles
Concrete walls to soon close in,
Time to enter.
When the lights come up
Life is lived
Time to go….
Yet it’s much better to just sit for a minute more
Here with you
Waiting for the sun
On this dark rainy morn.

I don’t want to go to work…..don’t wanna…..yeah, one of those days. Sigh. K💜


12 thoughts on “Tripping on stars

  1. Thanks Michael, I’ve been having such lovely flows of consciousness through words these days that sometimes I have to stop my natural fear and just keep moving forward with the pen/keyboard so to speak. It’s like when I just let the river of words out I feel such happiness….I guess I found out something I truly feel passionate about and that makes me soar. One of my favorite images was from a cat Stevens song about your fathers favorite blue jeans. Old and faded and reaching up to the sky….I think I just love that perspective of childlike wonder and seeing the world from the vantage point of where we are….looking up and seeing, or the feel of things below our feet as we walk, or the differences even so minute that we can feel through our fingers….sometimes the senses are so alive its overwhelmingly amazing😊. Sorry to be winded….coffee slowly kicking in….and turned the heat on last night to take the chill off the house. Have a beautiful day filled with magic my friend, Kim 💜

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  2. So many beautiful images here, Kim. I loved the nameless face seen from across the borders, and the puddles climbing up your jeans. I felt like I was watching those stars with you, dissolving into the distance even as the puddles pulled me back to earth… So nice to sit with you on this dark and rainy morn…!


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  3. No rest for the weary….and his cold damp weather never suits my mood😊☔️💦💧💨feeling better…extra blanket helps nicely…then we don’t want to get up😊


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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