To be…or not to be

A night of magic
An eve of fun….
I could be a minion yellow
A happy Twinkie like fellow
Or a mermaid in an ocean deep,
or A sparkly neon orange pumpkin peep.
An eerie ghost in gossamer silk
A cowgirl with her black and white leather
A flapper girl with a peacock feather.
I could be a raven of deepest black
Or a Monopoly man with a snazzy top hat,
A sexy witch with a smoking brew
Or A rap star from 2live crew,
A football player with a tiny ball
An egg that sits high on a wall,
A cat that walks down alleys and streets
Or my husbands fave, a grilled cut of meat.
I could be a singer in hippie garb
Or a make shift pac man chasing ghosts
Now that’s an image I dig the most.
I could be you, my blogger friends
Like Wonder Woman and superman
Just flying high on Halloween.
But I’m no longer seventeen
Yet still able to be young and fun at heart
But to be Marge Simpson or even Bart
Can make me smile
And whistful too
Come join the fun
We’ve just begun
What will you be this Hallows eve?
Just leave a note or a suggestion too
Come now there’s still so much to do,
More candy to gather
And tricks to give,
So let me know when I see you there
What’s under the mask,
What’s hiding there.
Do you dare to play along my friend?
Or will this finally be the end
Of silly thoughts
And costumes dreamed
Excuse me while I let loose and scream
To set the mood
For frightening fun
Enough I guess,
Because now I’m done.

Sweet night

Whiskers painted on a little face

tails and ears pinned with care

smiling grins eager to begin

eerie night awaits if you dare.

Sacks ready for the sweets to fall

wild winds blow as ghost sheet flaps

running through the darkness

at the door fall the bangs and happy taps.

Trick or treat fills the autumn air,

Where voices and laughter float

super heroes and turtles with masks

a unicorn and a bright green goat,

the wicked witch and Snoopy too

on All Hallows’ Eve

when the small ones pass through.

Pumpkims carved with the sharpest knife,

thrills and chills

and spooky nights,

cobwebs hung by spiders black

cats run by your winding path.

I remember these days with fondness then

of chocolate and caramel apples,

candy corn and UNICEF coin,

of parties where the laughter rang clear

and into the night we longed to stay out

to get more treats, no tricks we’d give

the life of such joy,

we’d give anything to relive.


the fun of days long gone by, but to see the costumes now brings such joy. Trick or treating rocks….I think I need a Reese’s or Snickers perhaps….mmmmm caramel apples…..yummmmm….

Echoes of sea and sky

Reaching into the foamy lace

orbs of white moving like a waltz

slipping through fingers

shell game of catch me if you can.

Above, the moon peers from thickening mist

casting shadows on white dotted rippling sand

as the tide moves in,

then out

beating on packed sand like a soft drum beat,

For the touch of sweet Luna,

oceans move high and low.

I hold up the fragile gift,

round spiral to center drawing eyes inward

to reflections on things made over time

worn smooth around the edges

the passage began with one speck,

protein built on moving ground growing

encapsulated in itself,

giving shelter.

She watches me walking there,

in the depths of the sea

water moves,

swirling around my legs

like the grooves of this shell

moving round to an end,

like she herself,

the same logic applies

and I just continue moving forward,

searching for treasure in reflective light  beaches,

alone with my thoughts

on moon shells and things left behind

deposited on land

For the joy of a traveler of time.


Beautiful Luna was hiding this morning, cool chill fills the air as I dream of beaches of white sand and shells that find me waiting.