To be…or not to be

A night of magic
An eve of fun….
I could be a minion yellow
A happy Twinkie like fellow
Or a mermaid in an ocean deep,
or A sparkly neon orange pumpkin peep.
An eerie ghost in gossamer silk
A cowgirl with her black and white leather
A flapper girl with a peacock feather.
I could be a raven of deepest black
Or a Monopoly man with a snazzy top hat,
A sexy witch with a smoking brew
Or A rap star from 2live crew,
A football player with a tiny ball
An egg that sits high on a wall,
A cat that walks down alleys and streets
Or my husbands fave, a grilled cut of meat.
I could be a singer in hippie garb
Or a make shift pac man chasing ghosts
Now that’s an image I dig the most.
I could be you, my blogger friends
Like Wonder Woman and superman
Just flying high on Halloween.
But I’m no longer seventeen
Yet still able to be young and fun at heart
But to be Marge Simpson or even Bart
Can make me smile
And whistful too
Come join the fun
We’ve just begun
What will you be this Hallows eve?
Just leave a note or a suggestion too
Come now there’s still so much to do,
More candy to gather
And tricks to give,
So let me know when I see you there
What’s under the mask,
What’s hiding there.
Do you dare to play along my friend?
Or will this finally be the end
Of silly thoughts
And costumes dreamed
Excuse me while I let loose and scream
To set the mood
For frightening fun
Enough I guess,
Because now I’m done.

Sweet night

Whiskers painted on a little face

tails and ears pinned with care

smiling grins eager to begin

eerie night awaits if you dare.

Sacks ready for the sweets to fall

wild winds blow as ghost sheet flaps

running through the darkness

at the door fall the bangs and happy taps.

Trick or treat fills the autumn air,

Where voices and laughter float

super heroes and turtles with masks

a unicorn and a bright green goat,

the wicked witch and Snoopy too

on All Hallows’ Eve

when the small ones pass through.

Pumpkims carved with the sharpest knife,

thrills and chills

and spooky nights,

cobwebs hung by spiders black

cats run by your winding path.

I remember these days with fondness then

of chocolate and caramel apples,

candy corn and UNICEF coin,

of parties where the laughter rang clear

and into the night we longed to stay out

to get more treats, no tricks we’d give

the life of such joy,

we’d give anything to relive.


the fun of days long gone by, but to see the costumes now brings such joy. Trick or treating rocks….I think I need a Reese’s or Snickers perhaps….mmmmm caramel apples…..yummmmm….

Echoes of sea and sky

Reaching into the foamy lace

orbs of white moving like a waltz

slipping through fingers

shell game of catch me if you can.

Above, the moon peers from thickening mist

casting shadows on white dotted rippling sand

as the tide moves in,

then out

beating on packed sand like a soft drum beat,

For the touch of sweet Luna,

oceans move high and low.

I hold up the fragile gift,

round spiral to center drawing eyes inward

to reflections on things made over time

worn smooth around the edges

the passage began with one speck,

protein built on moving ground growing

encapsulated in itself,

giving shelter.

She watches me walking there,

in the depths of the sea

water moves,

swirling around my legs

like the grooves of this shell

moving round to an end,

like she herself,

the same logic applies

and I just continue moving forward,

searching for treasure in reflective light  beaches,

alone with my thoughts

on moon shells and things left behind

deposited on land

For the joy of a traveler of time.


Beautiful Luna was hiding this morning, cool chill fills the air as I dream of beaches of white sand and shells that find me waiting.


Drawn to the hole in the ceiling of my thoughts

The smallest place where the stars whisper secrets

Falling against the backdrop of night

These days overshadowed by a moon so bright.

I caught a glimpse of blue

Un impeded by the pushiness of clouds

Suspended I drift

Stopped at the glass above me,

Held in by the walls and the chill

Of a strange October day.

I look up the see the confetti

Leaves falling as far as the eye can see

And they mirror the soul as they meander their way

Touching down like tissue paper

See through shells of their yesterday

Faded to yellow and brown,

Having shed the Rose red gown

As they had lived one last day

Waving to the mere mortals down below

Never realizing the ball must end,

And here they sit

Reflective images of my thoughts,

Sitting idle pressed to a clear view

Outside peering in,

Waiting for the next journey to blow them away

Into the earth

Death that comes on another day.

Reaching to the moon

Dream thief creeps in darkness

Hiding from the glow catching shadows

Shining light on hidden thoughts

Left behind in another world

Another life.

Hunters moon stands

Sweet Luna in autumn finery

I see the fox move through tall grasses

My helper searching for

The keeper of my lost dream.

If I could walk to the edge

The place where the forest rises

Skeletal fingers touching her loveliness

And I stand alone to reach

On tiptoed feet as far as my hands will stretch

Trying to gather the beauty

Selfish in my quest to hold

A bit of her light 

To catch her up in a bottle

And drink of the goddess that stands

In October haughtiness


Measured thoughts

Why is it
This rounded cup chosen by someone out there
So long ago to be
A universal measurement
Free of sides that are not circular-
Not stopped and cut off at an edge
Just going round and round,
A cup you can fill with the softest flour
To make the finest of bread,
Adding life ingredients giving texture
And weight,
A cup filled and carefully,
Oh so gently scraping off the excess un needed silky powder.
I am told that weight is a more accurate measure
For those abundant ingredients
Slowly filtered into
The creation,
Adding one thing and then
Another to finally make a lump
To be formed into something.
As it rises and blends with heat
Adding friction, the weight becomes more palpable,
Yet it began somewhere
In the mind of someone,
with that cup of ingredient,
With a universal way
Of measuring.
So how then is love measured?
If one were to take a cup,
And let’s say water as the needed piece of the scene,
Fill the cup to overflowing till it spills down,
And running outwards in all directions,
Wouldn’t it then weigh in a way unmeasurable?
If each drop shared from one to another
Circling this big wide world
Would it flow back?

Perhaps it would be almost feathery light,
Like butterfly kisses leaving their memory
On a mother’s cheek,
Memories to carry fondly when that child is no longer present,
And the heart is left with only the weight of sadness
That seems so very heavy and full
To the point that comes,
That moment when the tears flow over their edges,
Over the lid of eyelashes
Falling down like a stormy torrential rain.
The rain where the skies lay hard and grey,
Seemingly never-ending
Yet the drops will fill a cup
Somewhere left out on a table,
And that cup will become too full,
The weight too much
And the wind will blow ripples across the surface.
See, reach out and lift that cup,
The steaming coffee or tea and feel the weight
As you wake to another day
Will it be full? Overflowing perhaps?
Or will you find it like love,
As sweet and light as cotton candy in a child’s hand
As he or she walk through the county fair,
Sticking to all it touches.
Will it be
As precious as a memory that you reach to grab
Only to find it attached like a message
To a round balloon that was inflated
And set free to find
That lonely soul somewhere far away
Who needed that sphere,
That needed to know

 It found its way to them.

Because air measured the distance and brought it to land
in the yard beyond the window,
And something in them says look up,
Look out beyond to see what sits waiting for you,
And you grab a towel,
Wipe off the excess flour from your hands
And you dab at the smear of it on your cheek
And suddenly find yourself smiling,
Happy for the precious gift.
You feel the weightlessness of joy,
Now how do you measure that?

To have forgotten

I am drowning in your words
Like a child in a hotel pool
Forgotten by the casual goings on around
The hustle and bustle
And falling in, thrashing about
Yet seen by one
To be pulled up and out
By words and spaces in time.
The blue moves, ripples in a concrete square
The waves suddenly slowing
When it’s all ok
And standing on shore
After the excitement dies
You realize it’s just another moment
That could have gone so wrong,
Could have ended in a not so good kind of way.
I read the pages
Losing myself in the feeling of floating
And the skies are above me
A million stars just for me
My aquatic drive in movie
With the only sound needed
Is the bubbling and gurgling of water in my ears
And I read the writing the stars sent down,
The one where they grabbed your hand
And began to compose
Pure simple magnificence
And I felt the tears come suddenly
And as they became one with the wave,
Became part of what buoyed me above
I saw a name so familiar
Spelled in invisible ink,
A period ending at the North Star,
And it winked in conspiracy
Like an inside joke between two and the universe
So I laughed aloud
Realizing that yet again
I had taken the test
And although not quite passing
It was enough to allow the doors to open
To free me to the internal summer break
Long awaited and there you stood
Waving to me.

Upon stumbling through my morning to find such simple beauty in the gentleness of words.
It’s things like that which make this universe so amazing.

Orchestral universe

Singing to seasons
Drums throbbing beat fills the space
Compartmentalized machines move
As eyes fill with wonder and joy
Running rivers like rain
Here we go again.
Back to days and ages of yesterday
Music filling each pore
Turn it up
Turn it up
To sing the forgotten words
The tribe of Genesis.
Across ponds you may hear it
The steady yet erratic beating
Fills the body with rhythm.
In my life to date,
I’ve danced on volcanos
And gathered sand from deserts,
Touched the depths of oceans blue
And emptied sacks of tears.
Yet driving through this journey
Of time and endless space
Always brings me back
Feet planted firmly
On solid damp ground,
Yet head in the stars
Telling secrets born of love
Images of laughter and mirth
Gave birth to the soul
That sits here now.
As tears fall so happily
At finding an old friend
In the bottom of the music bin
And I listen
And I feel suddenly so alive.

I needed to change-up my music in the car this morning and felt an aching need to revisit the entire album A trick of the Tail. Driving damp dark streets and listening to the amazing drums on Squonk found me with tears in my eyes at the miracle of music, of how it can fill the soul with so much joy. The Windows moved to the bass and my mind moving to thoughts of when I first bought it and how I had never heard anything like it in my life. Moving from one track to the next as I looked to the cloudy skies knowing that somewhere Mad man moon sat smiling. Wow, what an amazing experience on this Wednesday. Do yourself a favor, pop in some music you haven’t heard in ages and just turn it up, live in the melody and just feel it all. Let me know what you’re rocking it out to today.
Namaste my friend, K

Amazing photo found at :

Wishes found

Finding pennies
Collecting change in places
Turning on a dime
To reach down and gather
Wishes found.
Hole in pocket releases
Copper passed from hand to hand
To drawers of black
And back again
Slipping out
Along the way
Saved in jars for raining days
Scattered on the ground
Like a lowly piece
Not worthy to hold.
Wished upon
In fountains blue
Penny thoughts
From me to you.

The light that comes to me

In times of reflection
Energy making a simple connection
A light unplugged
Yet still runs.
I feel through closed eyes
The heat of the sun finding me
Seeking me out to whisper
Her warm breath upon my skin.
Faces unknown speak words born
Of understanding
Of knowing there is something more
Than what we see.
And in this moment of knowing
Simple peace finds me waiting
A vessel to be filled to overflowing
And thought that filtered through
Then realized
As lights flicker on
Night finds itself cast out
Contrast of yesterday
Moving into today
Waking refreshed with the first aware breath
Warm in the cocoon of the universe
Eyes open to embrace
The first glint of dawn.