Observing it all

Swimming on the ceiling
Just a bit off
I watch as it moves like strokes in water
Gliding here and there
Against eggshell white
Standing out in his black finery
Seven legs left
Keeps on moving
To his unknown destination.
(Letting a spider live….priceless…just stay out of the bed please)

I am richer for the moment
Rushing through the dark fields on my way
To start this, another day
And intruding upon a conversation
Feeling awkward I slowly drive on by
Two bucks watching me as if to say
Uninvited…now go away.
They turn back to resume
And off I zoom.
(Two very large apparent deer friends with each a nice rack, chatting roadside about the price of coffee perhaps?)

Forlorn perhaps she waits in the road
Searching for the kindness of a soul
Her world turned upside down
This cosmic traveller in dire places
He gathers her gently
Calling her by name
And viewing her head sees the roadmap
To the stars
Connect the dots and connection
He carries her to the edge
And she takes her time
Moving on.
(A beautiful turtle saved from the road by my Dad…pics to follow below-where is she now I wonder aloud, I pray not soup will be the taste of today)just kidding.

Messengers of beauty
Long days spent in a quiet simmer
Stewpot of thoughts that swirl like carrots in the pot
Breaking up to become part of the whole,
Wood collected from silent forests
And the hound lingers close
Protection of the maiden
Or a push to finish, to begin
The time of play.
I pull up the drive
The end of the day
Where the feathers found waiting
Like a deck of tarot
Beautifully spread
I find myself in awe
At the magnificent instead
And hold them up for the light to see
This amazing bit of nature
For me.
(Came home to eight bags of charcoal for the grill master and a bounty of feathers, connected together and wow…..amazing)



To finish…the turtle lived…I think, and the turkey I am told decided to get a haircut and is thriving someplace out west…the feathers just too much for the heat….