Sleeping giants

Reaching down
Lifting one by one
The lovely colors of sleepless dreams
Each disappointment
Every bit of sadness wrapped
In granite packages
Lifting up
Setting down
Moving the pieces from here to there
Each image of caring
Every scene of loneliness
Each whisper of unkind words
The actions so very wrong,
Sparkling like crystal
Lit from within by the power given
Lift it up
Set it back down
Climbing higher each symbol
To block the sun that refused to shine
Except in fleeting moments
Caught between a cloud
And the tallest tree.
Tossing another one on,
Keep picking up the rounded smooth stones
Stacking up and up
To see one carelessly roll down
And landing with a thunk on my foot
Bringing the realization to the minds awareness.
To see the castle created
Made of elements found
In parched and dry places
Where the sleep swept away the water
And left the desert behind
And these stones,
More stones as far as I can see
Tripping up the path
Losing balance,
Turning to find
The clearing where I left it behind,
Where emptiness waits
For me to tire,
The wind laughs like a comical jester
To carry it all,
Piece by piece,
Stone by stone
To try to change the balance
To remember once more
And finally To let each stone fall
Into the place it was meant to be
And to not have the need
For pristine mountains
To be content and rested
On the cleared path
Meant for me.

So very tired lately and each thought I keep stacking higher and higher, then I stopped and realized that it really is ok to just let it go, each thought, each thing needing to be tended to, when I looked up to realize the mountain I had made, how very emptying it left me I needed to turn around to seek the silence, to let go….to remember me, to just be. It feels good to be back, I’ve missed you my friends. Surrendering to the much-needed peace. Namaste.