Hollow dreams and the loss of words

Through candle lit nights
moon came calling to her soul
whispering secrets,
stories untold.
As gentle winds blew
through the cage she had known
as home for too many years
she could no longer remember
a time when it wasn’t
this way.
Pouring ink from veins of plastic
shavings of pencils strewn
on wooden floors
in the darkness she let rivers flow
drop by drop onto the parchment
that had become her friend.

She came in the light
of a hot August summer sun,
the thief of magic
the liar of sincerity
and one by one lifting
the lined soul pages stacked,
slipped quietly away
back to her world of darkness.
She had not known the worth
of the dreams she held rolled in her hand
letting go in the wind
losing the precious gift
to the fields beyond.

The shell lay hollow and empty
no more dreams to give
no more words to pen,
life moved on as life always did
as the strands upon her head
turned grey like the rain
and the moments that had lived
now lay a whispered memory
and she is empty
yet she knows that someday
the words will return
to be gifted to the young and pure,
kept safe from the hands
of the thief of the soul,
caged in her memory
the words only she can see,
the stories only she can tell.

After reading a beautiful piece of poetry on stories, it brought back memories to me of my mother. When I was child, she would stay up late at night and write out all the wonderful stories she created in her mind for me to read. One day the neighbor girl stole them from me and said she didn’t know where they went to. I don’t remember my mother ever writing the stories down after that. She spun such magic and still does, just not putting pen to paper. Stories that will fade away except in a child’s memory.

5 day photo/story challenge
Laine from over at From Midnight To Dawnlight challenged me to this and I gladly accepted. Here is one of her lovely pieces from when she did the challenge. Stop in and say Hi.

Post a picture each day for five consecutive days. Attach a story to accompany
*can be fiction / non-fiction
*poem / short paragraph
*each day nominate another blogger

Today I nominate a new poetry writing blogger who found me: Gwenice over at the chaser of dreams. Stop in and say hello and explore her lovely poetry.
https://thechaserofdreams.wordpress.com/2015/09/20/numb/ and I also extend an open invitation to all the amazing writers who follow this blog.

*Sporadic posting is alright if you are unable to post each day. There is no obligation to accept this challenge, and I will understand completely if you choose not to take part.

Becoming one…solitude of a moment

I sat among the crowded clouds
Thought patterns jump rope with
Images forgotten,
Alone in the moment
Listening to the gossip
Of a murder of crows.
Winged souls flying
Drifting through images
Of barren deserts and sun
Beating down the weak
Into sand.
Wild West places I knew
Where rocks rippled like waterfalls
And skies lasted into eternity
Tinged with the dying light
Of another day.
Wind moved about and through
Slipping by like the passing lane
Invisible lines separating
Yesterday and today.
Coming home to find
Within the heart of solitude
The answers remain aware
Of searches for clarity
Teasing the mind
In a game of hide and seek
Yet the path never altered
Its state of saving grace
Eyes wide open peering
At hanging crescent moonbeams
I reach out to grab the tip
Of a disappearing emotion
Still as yet unnamed.

Amazing photo found at : http://xaxor.com/photography/40200-beautiful-photos-of-peace-a-solitude.html