His story healing

I walk through empty gardens
invisible words move
past my glasses the reflection
blocking the sun from view
thoughts of you
how time never forgets
gifts given.
I heard your voice
a car racing by in the night
and I for a moment imagined
that I was there
flying free through the midnight hour
singing to the sky
lighting the hours on fire.
I still feel you
the essence of learned responses
to the world around me
to the peace given
to the chance taken.
Little boy soul lost
taken by the darkness
yet still so much light hurts
the eyes wet from tears
so many years
so many words left to be said
silenced now
as this garden sleeps
wrapped in its self waiting
to rise once more
reincarnated through
to finish the job
of becoming golden.

Thoughts on John Lennon and his birthday, 75 years and I often wonder what other beautiful gifts to this world he would have given. I am paltry in comparison yet a voice silenced will be heard, through the world and those who imagine and live their lives in the dream of cosmic karma. Namaste…you are missed John.

All roads lead

Words spun like silk
Moving through like mercury
Rising to reach
The road to the heart.
Spilling breadcrumbs
To find the way back through
The woods of illusion
Eaten by a starving lost bird.
Traveling paths in dreams
Every fork leading somewhere
Anywhere but out
The darkness covers the way.
Pages turned as imagined perceptions
Filter through
Dripping down like morning coffee
Permeating the air
With a gentle waking nudge.
I walked in your path
As leaves fell silently
Hearing only the beating of my heart
And the emptiness of a world
Where words below surfaces
Lay hidden in mist
Covered with color
Of the soul.

In this amazingly beautiful world I find that moments come along that just set your soul on fire, the heart beats faster, the smile reaches the whole of,itself and I feel so very blessed to be in the company of friends in this world, the gifts of words and the joy of waking to another day where any road leads to bliss. Namaste my friends. Kim