All roads lead

Words spun like silk
Moving through like mercury
Rising to reach
The road to the heart.
Spilling breadcrumbs
To find the way back through
The woods of illusion
Eaten by a starving lost bird.
Traveling paths in dreams
Every fork leading somewhere
Anywhere but out
The darkness covers the way.
Pages turned as imagined perceptions
Filter through
Dripping down like morning coffee
Permeating the air
With a gentle waking nudge.
I walked in your path
As leaves fell silently
Hearing only the beating of my heart
And the emptiness of a world
Where words below surfaces
Lay hidden in mist
Covered with color
Of the soul.

In this amazingly beautiful world I find that moments come along that just set your soul on fire, the heart beats faster, the smile reaches the whole of,itself and I feel so very blessed to be in the company of friends in this world, the gifts of words and the joy of waking to another day where any road leads to bliss. Namaste my friends. Kim


19 thoughts on “All roads lead

  1. What’s it called in english? scuba diving? Yeah. I used to do that a lot as a kid. We were fortunate enough to live by the sea. Hold your breath and dive. 🙂
    Blessings to you too.

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  2. Thanks Lily, so glad you enjoyed. Been loving the colors of the changing leaves here in our state. The photo is from Colorado…quite far from me but still so beautiful. Kim


  3. So you get the warm weather all the time down there…and the good food too….I’ve never been there, the closest was ElPaso Texas for work years ago…with no passport, they wouldn’t let me come back if I went across the border and I hear there are some lovely areas down there and some not so much…as a kid half the fun was diving to see how far you could go….I held my breath for quite awhile….still do sometimes but the. I have to stop, breathe in and out and center my mind in the quiet of peace….it keeps me sane😃 peace and blessings my friend, Kim

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  4. No “Mate”, I’m not in the Land of Oz, or Down Under. Just right in Mexico. Agreed, it is a state of mind, but, it is some times difficult to ignore crime and grime, the violence, cynicism and corruption of the politicians.
    I do feel like running most times.
    Now your “bringing down and up” makes me think of my swimming pool metaphor”. Some times I need to let go, go down under the water, all the way down to the bottom, and only when you reach the bottom can you kick up and go back to the surface. 🙂 (Just a matter of holding your breath long enough) 😉

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  5. I thought you were in Aussie land….peace is a state of mind…I wasn’t always a happy person and to this day most of my fave music is depressing off key? Morose stuff, but it’s like a roller coaster , it brings me down and forces me to get out and go up…to the stars, the sky and then I write. Kind of hard to explain but it’s me I suppose😊 have an amazing day Brian.😊

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  6. Peace to you too Kim. I envy you for living in a peaceful place.
    Mine isn’t (South of the border) and it’s getting to my head…
    (Pouting emoticon)
    Fortunately some blogs (like yours) give me a bit of fresh air.
    Bon week-end

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  7. The bird was used to being caged and fed, now free and searching for what it needs😊it makes it…finds friends and finds winds to loft it higher😊 thanks so much😊 namaste, Kim

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