I remember

Yellow school buses carry
The small souls back and forth
Seats set low back then
The backs of heads
I could plainly see.
He sat alone
Always there on the red leather
A stack of books by his side
Too big glasses on his nose
And oh how I wanted him
To be only mine.
Michael was his name
And his little brown house
Across from the dairy farm
The scent of cows
Warm September days
He stood as the bus
Rolling slowly to a stop
I ran up behind him
Grabbing his small boy hand
And reaching out
Gave a shy kiss to his shocked mouth.
So proud I was
When reaching my house
Told my mom about the exciting day
Much to my dismay
She wasn’t happy
No not at all,
Boys have germs she promptly said
And sent me to my room instead
To wait to see if I’d get a spanking.
Today I laugh remembering that day
I didn’t die
From the bugs he hadn’t spread,
But never tried it again just in case
Till nine years or so later
When I was the one in shock,
Fifteen and standing still
Like a deer in The headlights,
My how the times had changed.

In response to a fun challenge…come join the fun over at Marie’s.

7 thoughts on “I remember

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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