Out and in

Our thoughts woven
moving through time and space,
in and out
and back again
gently knotted together
anchoring against
falling apart.
Words like leaves fall
never-ending shades faded
like memories of yesterday
sepia toned life left behind
chasing colors like the wind
as it blows them out of reach,
a handful gathered finally
tossed in the air
as a small laugh escapes
the joy of this day
falling like the sun coming down
on shoulders waiting.
I listen to the silence
embracing the delicate balance
of the in and out
and the back again of seasons slipping
like creek water rocks
watching the movement
rippling out like a song.
I splash my hands deep within
the depths shattered
the reflection of self gone
knowing it will return
in some shape
some form
with someone new to sit here
dwelling in the peace
of a fall image.

On the wind

Seasons move through
Days shortened by lengthening shadows
As the wind blows through
Casting a coolness
On the moment.
Seeds strewn about
Edging their way into crevices
Taking hold for future days
Waiting for the moment
To rise once more.
Circles move through this life,
Sun and moon exchanging places
And the stars wait
For their moment to shine bright
Before falling into dust,
As sleep claims the host
Sweeping the cobwebs from the mind
And electric dreams filter behind
Eyes closed to the images
Of dark rooms and shadows.
Windows cracked allowing
The subtle scent of the world
To fill the air,
And a seed lodged in the screen
Unable to release
The flick of a finger to set free
The pod on its descent
To fulfill its destiny
In the ground below.