Art of noise

Wipers sway sliding across
The silver of slippery glass
The voice surrounds
Edging out my thoughts
Gentle peace disrupted
The screeching bird goes on
And on in rage or sorrow
But it don’t matter
Can’t hear her wail
Flick of the wrist
Silencing so swift.

He smiles through the waves
Happy to clap in a roofless room
And the joy contagious
Foot moves to the rhythm
Feeling like dancing suddenly
Yet I’ve got places to go
Moving through this glistening darkness
Feeling the beat of the world.
I didn’t want the drama
Just a bit of gleeful soul
When choices made
The dream can relate
To the moving forward
Not mired down
In business that sells millions,
Just give me a smile
And a jig like beat
As wheels move on down the empty street,
Seeing red lights flash
And it’s back to school,
So bag the trash and find the door
Like back in time
Come on my friends,
let’s boogie some more.

Okay, maybe perhaps I got a good night sleep last night but the morning drive in drizzly rain was not helped by Taylor Swift (sorry friends)girly pop, but man that Pharrel can make me smile…..because I’m happy….thanks for bearing with my goofy verse this morning. Happy Tuesday and stay grooving.


15 thoughts on “Art of noise

  1. It was a good band in the day, the art of noise….unfortunately that wasn’t on the radio this morning…sigh….but it got better…the radio is playing a slew of tunes I haven’t heard in years….for a thousand years….๐Ÿ˜ŠK


  2. “Feeling the beat of the world.”
    I love that Happy song too! Pharrel’s got it.
    When the web-site came out with 24 hours of it fro
    all over the world, my family and I sat mesmerized
    for hours. I loved seeing those happy faces of the world!
    Thanks for sharing Kim.

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  3. It was a unlike me, usually my morning drive is so peaceful, but the radio just seemed to me to be so nerve grating….finally found a happy song to sing along to๐Ÿ˜Š glad you enjoyed my morning boogie๐Ÿ˜Š K

    Liked by 1 person

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