Moving through

I stood on the edge of joy
putting a foot forward
to test the height,
catching the invisible feeling
of the whole worlds energy
moving through.
Each step up or down
sometimes to the side to skirt a dream or two,
I could jump so high and hang
as if suspended by a thread
no one could see,
except by me.
I believed in this place
wandering so far, so long searching
for the portal to carry me in,
I could feel the hands reaching
helping me through each thought
the darkness that held me down
now carried away,
sold into the light
of this new day.
I stood upon the edge
indecisive as to trusting the faith
to know that it was all more than okay,
that it was golden and sublime
as the skies stood at attention waiting
for my presence to know
it was finally time to go,
to step through into the self
to capture the joy
of soul.

Entering flight

Words changing
Constantly rearranging
The mirror soul knows
The ways of the bird that flies free.
Silver clouds carry
Glass hearts carrying love
Sheltered within the love
Miles from home.
I hear the sky speaking
The clouds carry my thoughts on gentle wind
And I stand here on the edge
Another horizon in view
In my thoughts there’s you.
Miles to go before sleep
The letting go
A promise to keep
And I set aside the fear
And I walk away from the worry that consumes
Lifting wings and swept away
The beauty of the sun today
And looking down as leaves still fall
Knowing I can choose it all
Or none,
As I make my way still learning
I can fly.
I carry with my energy
A sweet vision of your hands
Held around me tight
Yet letting go to journey on
I wait in the air suspended
With the love you give
Eyes bright and steady
Seeing our future within reach,
Coasting on seaside dreams,
I will be there.

Spaces between clouds

Morning finds the skies darkening
A moth-eaten blanket of clouds
Allowing bits of light through spaces
And I move restlessly through
The routine to mark each moment
This then that
In order marching like soldiers
Left right left
Keeping beat to the pace
Out of sync.
Eating star-dust for breakfast
With a taste of coffee to fuel the engine
As the ants move slowly
As if tired from the party the night before.
I hear the planes above me
Casting their streamers on high
Out of sight of waking eyes
As they go higher into the light
Of a rising sun only they see.
I wish I were there
Beside the blue of the water,
My love and me
Building castles of sand
And whiling away the days
Like a gentle breeze,
Yet here a north wind blows cold
Bringing threats of icy snow
And I long to sit
Grabbing a blanket by fireside
Basking in the warmth
Of July nights
In a paradise that calls
Take me away from it all.
So I will wish on falling stars
The how I wonder where you are
At this minute
At this second
You light my mind
With thoughts of missing you.