Entering flight

Words changing
Constantly rearranging
The mirror soul knows
The ways of the bird that flies free.
Silver clouds carry
Glass hearts carrying love
Sheltered within the love
Miles from home.
I hear the sky speaking
The clouds carry my thoughts on gentle wind
And I stand here on the edge
Another horizon in view
In my thoughts there’s you.
Miles to go before sleep
The letting go
A promise to keep
And I set aside the fear
And I walk away from the worry that consumes
Lifting wings and swept away
The beauty of the sun today
And looking down as leaves still fall
Knowing I can choose it all
Or none,
As I make my way still learning
I can fly.
I carry with my energy
A sweet vision of your hands
Held around me tight
Yet letting go to journey on
I wait in the air suspended
With the love you give
Eyes bright and steady
Seeing our future within reach,
Coasting on seaside dreams,
I will be there.

11 thoughts on “Entering flight

  1. How to let go of things…be the bird that just is…doing its thing, flying and not worrying about the minutiae of each moment…flying high for the best view around, just happily catching wind…ah the life…if only we can let responsibility and ego go, we’d all be golden….okay, me especially, not you…you’ve got the right path and the lift of winds on high…but I’m getting there….peace and blessings, K

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  2. Delightful Kim. I particularly enjoyed the movement away from the fear that consumes, and the journey to flight. We learn so much from the winged-ones. They continue to inspire and amaze me as well with their simple, trusting presence…


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  3. It was inspired by a friends conversation earlier in the day….birds don’t care, they fly, they don’t worry about anything…..I love the idea of just being in flight, just being😊 high in the clouds just floating on the wind….thanks so much and I’m glad you enjoyed😊 peace and blessings. Kim

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