Moving through

I stood on the edge of joy
putting a foot forward
to test the height,
catching the invisible feeling
of the whole worlds energy
moving through.
Each step up or down
sometimes to the side to skirt a dream or two,
I could jump so high and hang
as if suspended by a thread
no one could see,
except by me.
I believed in this place
wandering so far, so long searching
for the portal to carry me in,
I could feel the hands reaching
helping me through each thought
the darkness that held me down
now carried away,
sold into the light
of this new day.
I stood upon the edge
indecisive as to trusting the faith
to know that it was all more than okay,
that it was golden and sublime
as the skies stood at attention waiting
for my presence to know
it was finally time to go,
to step through into the self
to capture the joy
of soul.

8 thoughts on “Moving through

  1. So much truth there, yes, in each moment is a gift…so many do not see, too busy looking backwards or down…sometimes I think you just need to lift your mind and soar into the what is here now and tangible😊 have a beautiful weekend my friend. Snow on tap here in good old Holland this weekend….I shall embrace it and drink cocoa I think😊❄️

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  2. It seems, lately, that I’ve seen recurring references (from varying directions) to Now, the Present, etc., and it’s had me contemplating an attitude that I’ve adopted in just the past few years – that there is not always enough consideration of, nor appreciation for, all aspects of the current moment. Even in times of duress, there are positives waiting to be discovered.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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