Spaces between clouds

Morning finds the skies darkening
A moth-eaten blanket of clouds
Allowing bits of light through spaces
And I move restlessly through
The routine to mark each moment
This then that
In order marching like soldiers
Left right left
Keeping beat to the pace
Out of sync.
Eating star-dust for breakfast
With a taste of coffee to fuel the engine
As the ants move slowly
As if tired from the party the night before.
I hear the planes above me
Casting their streamers on high
Out of sight of waking eyes
As they go higher into the light
Of a rising sun only they see.
I wish I were there
Beside the blue of the water,
My love and me
Building castles of sand
And whiling away the days
Like a gentle breeze,
Yet here a north wind blows cold
Bringing threats of icy snow
And I long to sit
Grabbing a blanket by fireside
Basking in the warmth
Of July nights
In a paradise that calls
Take me away from it all.
So I will wish on falling stars
The how I wonder where you are
At this minute
At this second
You light my mind
With thoughts of missing you.

6 thoughts on “Spaces between clouds

  1. A bit out of sorts with the dark morning clouds….gaping spaces only letting a bit of light in. So glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much, peace and blessings, Kim


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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