Friends of fall-A collaboration

With the joy of the season of Fall currently in full swing, my friend B and I came to the conclusion that it would be a great time to jump together into the leaf piles of fall pages and collaborate on another poem.

Both B and I have a fondness for the furry creatures and spend time chatting about fun stories on the way the little scampering creatures torture us…not on purpose mind you, they just move a bit too fast for our tastes but oh, what a pleasure they are to watch. Stop on over to B’s blog and say Hi.

We hope you enjoy our foray into the wild side of Fall. Don’t forget to leave out some nuts and seeds too…the snow is already making an appearance as you can see. Thank you B for joining forces with me for our nature “walk” and now let’s go jump in some more leaves before the snow covers them all, shall we?


Sitting on the side steps

Taking in the fresh air

I feel a sense of pleasantness

That sometimes seems quite rare.

All of a sudden I see

A flash of brown coming my way

But you rush off in a panic

Before I can ask you to stay.

These sights of Autumn fill me

With peace and joy abound

As time moves on I see

The colors around me falling down.

The creatures move much closer

Gathering their sustenance to live

Yet I am truly blessed

As their presence a gift they give.

As the robins leave

The blue jays decide to stay

While cardinals make their plans to wait

For the summer sky to turn grey.

As I hear them chirp

I offer breadcrumbs and seeds

Hoping I can give them the love

That every creature needs​.

The hounds run to the trees

With the chipmunks and squirrels on high

Giving chase on cool fall days

Wishing they could perhaps fly.

The sights and sounds of autumn

As frosty grass crunches beneath

The pumpkins empty of seed

Orange rind for deer I bequeath.

Though the weather is cool

Forming Goosebumps on my arm

All of the creatures assure me

That there’s no reason for alarm.

They convince me to stay nearby

Asking to please join them as they play

Promising that visiting will provide me

A warm and happy day.