Orchestral universe

Singing to seasons
Drums throbbing beat fills the space
Compartmentalized machines move
As eyes fill with wonder and joy
Running rivers like rain
Here we go again.
Back to days and ages of yesterday
Music filling each pore
Turn it up
Turn it up
To sing the forgotten words
The tribe of Genesis.
Across ponds you may hear it
The steady yet erratic beating
Fills the body with rhythm.
In my life to date,
I’ve danced on volcanos
And gathered sand from deserts,
Touched the depths of oceans blue
And emptied sacks of tears.
Yet driving through this journey
Of time and endless space
Always brings me back
Feet planted firmly
On solid damp ground,
Yet head in the stars
Telling secrets born of love
Images of laughter and mirth
Gave birth to the soul
That sits here now.
As tears fall so happily
At finding an old friend
In the bottom of the music bin
And I listen
And I feel suddenly so alive.

I needed to change-up my music in the car this morning and felt an aching need to revisit the entire album A trick of the Tail. Driving damp dark streets and listening to the amazing drums on Squonk found me with tears in my eyes at the miracle of music, of how it can fill the soul with so much joy. The Windows moved to the bass and my mind moving to thoughts of when I first bought it and how I had never heard anything like it in my life. Moving from one track to the next as I looked to the cloudy skies knowing that somewhere Mad man moon sat smiling. Wow, what an amazing experience on this Wednesday. Do yourself a favor, pop in some music you haven’t heard in ages and just turn it up, live in the melody and just feel it all. Let me know what you’re rocking it out to today.
Namaste my friend, K

Amazing photo found at : http://wingsofdreamsshop.com/art/totem-masks/

5 thoughts on “Orchestral universe

  1. That is truly incredible. I am unfortunately not that disciplined….I have cases of CDs but pretty much listen to them on my 25 minute commute to work…somedays I just relish the silence and the hum of the motor, music and soothing in its own way but when I re find a fave….watch out, I turn it up pretty loud😊🎼🎤🎶
    Thank you and have an rocking day my friend. K


  2. I listen to my music in chronological order, and with 1,752 hours of music in my collection, it takes me 174 days to listen to it all at my current average of listening 10 hours a day. Thus, any individual song is one that I have not heard in almost 6 months! That keeps my listening experience fresh all the time.

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  3. It’s an amazing album…do people still listen to albums? Ok, CD then, it was amazing…my eardrums loved it…throbbing bass….yeah, awesome like that😊 glad you enjoyed it😊


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