To have forgotten

I am drowning in your words
Like a child in a hotel pool
Forgotten by the casual goings on around
The hustle and bustle
And falling in, thrashing about
Yet seen by one
To be pulled up and out
By words and spaces in time.
The blue moves, ripples in a concrete square
The waves suddenly slowing
When it’s all ok
And standing on shore
After the excitement dies
You realize it’s just another moment
That could have gone so wrong,
Could have ended in a not so good kind of way.
I read the pages
Losing myself in the feeling of floating
And the skies are above me
A million stars just for me
My aquatic drive in movie
With the only sound needed
Is the bubbling and gurgling of water in my ears
And I read the writing the stars sent down,
The one where they grabbed your hand
And began to compose
Pure simple magnificence
And I felt the tears come suddenly
And as they became one with the wave,
Became part of what buoyed me above
I saw a name so familiar
Spelled in invisible ink,
A period ending at the North Star,
And it winked in conspiracy
Like an inside joke between two and the universe
So I laughed aloud
Realizing that yet again
I had taken the test
And although not quite passing
It was enough to allow the doors to open
To free me to the internal summer break
Long awaited and there you stood
Waving to me.

Upon stumbling through my morning to find such simple beauty in the gentleness of words.
It’s things like that which make this universe so amazing.