Sweet night

Whiskers painted on a little face

tails and ears pinned with care

smiling grins eager to begin

eerie night awaits if you dare.

Sacks ready for the sweets to fall

wild winds blow as ghost sheet flaps

running through the darkness

at the door fall the bangs and happy taps.

Trick or treat fills the autumn air,

Where voices and laughter float

super heroes and turtles with masks

a unicorn and a bright green goat,

the wicked witch and Snoopy too

on All Hallows’ Eve

when the small ones pass through.

Pumpkims carved with the sharpest knife,

thrills and chills

and spooky nights,

cobwebs hung by spiders black

cats run by your winding path.

I remember these days with fondness then

of chocolate and caramel apples,

candy corn and UNICEF coin,

of parties where the laughter rang clear

and into the night we longed to stay out

to get more treats, no tricks we’d give

the life of such joy,

we’d give anything to relive.


the fun of days long gone by, but to see the costumes now brings such joy. Trick or treating rocks….I think I need a Reese’s or Snickers perhaps….mmmmm caramel apples…..yummmmm….

6 thoughts on “Sweet night

  1. Hi Russ, it inspired the hubby to bring me home two caramel chocolate bars and a jumbo Reese’s….of course we shared. So glad you enjoyed it, peace and blessings, K


  2. If I could, I’d be a minion…but alas, in my neighborhood, there is no place to go….perhaps the pups and I can drive to the village….although they’d eat all the treats I would think. Chocolate no good for goofy dogs😊🎃

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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