The ghost within

She sings songs of blue worlds

those never seen through these eyes

The view of lavender hue

whispers like ghosts long gone

returning in the passing dusk

to gently say hello again.

She sings of star filled skies

of phantoms that run in forests deep,

here then gone,

but she knows the truth

with each indent below of passing thought,

time holds nothing for long,

to the eye invisible but souls ride winds

playfully reaching through words and design

to mark their presence

on waiting hearts.

He captures light in boxes

perhaps not seeing the entire shade

of her favorite colors in the box of his crayons,

he weaves effortlessly the magic

Like a modern Van Gogh

of starry nights and twinkling light melting

and her heart smiles for the pretty things ,

for the simple grace of love.


gorgeous photo sent to me by my father. Stunning, and the colors I adore and words that made my heart smile. Thank you Serenity.


Morning shines

reflective light glistens

crackling feeling

beneath moving weight.

Above they shine

sparkling ornaments clearing


moments frigid

time frozen till

sun deems to rise.

Frost covered world

deepest sleep of night

moving into this morning

calm and at peace.


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The waiting

Days of sun and silence

Enjoying the ease of peace that comes on far off winds

Purging the fears

The strength buoyant like birds on drifting waves


Moving into swirling thoughts

Whole then tossed upon empty shores 

Waiting to be gathered

To be carried home.

In laughter the birds talk in groups

flying carefree on breezes 

hanging in space like ornaments of clouds

invisible strings held by a master of puppet like things,

she turns in circles

arms raised to catch the falling mist

of unexpected soothing rains beginning from nowhere

to give gifts of a rainbow

falling from the heavens like a wish come true.

Her hair falling backwards as she looks higher

seeking that answer that brought her here

and that song stirs in her mind,

why now of all times and then she knows

it is the song of days of laughter and smiles

and a love of summer she had wished would never end

yet she took each word

claiming it as her own

when it was indeed a truth owned by all,

but it brings comfort to know

that he is still here

running invisibly in the woods

searching for peace to deliver it to her

like a bounty at her feet,

all she wanted

that she needed was already there,

had been found not so long ago-

she just needed the reminder

the faith that yes,

these days are filled with blessings

and the dreams will come true in her time

in her style of belief

the feet will walk this land,

and like the song claim the story

for their own

long after she is gone.

I was pondering today…asking for a sign for something on my mind and a song came on that I don’t hear very often but it always reminds me of my beloved boy pup Zip, and I sang along and felt a smile and knew that he will see through that which will be true and I walked to the window, gazing towards the woods where he resides and felt that peace. Yeah, he’s still got it. I like gifts like those.

Bubbling life

Your words from deep below the surface

Night dreams filled with wonder and questions

And your laughter sweet and tinkling like a hundred tiny bells

Ringing through to my ears like a song of life

Spun of silver with the just right tone

Wind chimes of a chord remembered.

Eyes open in the darkness listening to the sounds of breath

Across the universe and all around me

Steady and smooth

Textured like a favorite pudding

Chocolate perhaps? Sliding off of spoons 

Swallowed with a smile

Knowing it is truly a bottomless bowl

This goodness never ending

A buffet of sweetness.

You spoke with a light smile,

Blue eyes crinkled with such mirth that I couldn’t help

But to smile in return,

And you said something then that made so much sense

Words I had never heard yet knew in my heart,

Gentle reminders about being inside out

And backwards and how laughter was all that ever mattered,

Really at this moment all that did make a difference.

I did not know you in life,

Not in the sense of a friend

Yet I grew up with you through years,

Admired the nature of your gift,

Cried with the world at your unexpected loss,

Yet you come to me in sleep now,

With the words bubbling up from below 

A million circles rising me from sleep

Cleansing in the waters of knowing

Drifting like the gentle waves

These messages come when needed,

Bottled with the unknown mystery

Of time and space that can never separate 

The minds of the like,

The souls connection.
Thoughts after some profound dreams that woke me before the sun rose, a unique array of characters that were trying to teach me things, and the laughter, yes, that is what I remember most of all, I woke smiling.

100 word story challenge

T. Wayne over at A joyful process invited me to take part in a challenge to write a 100 word story and although my mind is still moving into awake mode, I think I managed to do okay. The challenge has rules of course, and with the 100 words you can go over by no more than 10 words. You can nominate who you wish but I think you should at least pick three to make it fun. 

I wrote this as a letter to friends, all who reside in this blogger space and one up in the stars. The gift of friendship is a pure and joyful experience, one I didn’t have as a child or young adult, not in any true sense but the way we reach out to others here, in this place, and the gifts of beauty and words of support can make a heart soar when it sometimes forgets that it is not alone in this world. I value the friendships forged and this is a letter to everyone and no one…but you know who you all are.

Here is my 100 word story/letter.

We were at times sitting in the darkness of this world alone. Why you left I don’t know. A life burned into ashes, moving on the wind. I could not reach you, in darkness I could not see you and that was so empty a feeling. Your words like the wind, blew back to find me, with life and hope I knew that a friend even in absence was still there, out in space watching, waiting and like a gift from the stars, you’ve returned to shine your special light, reminding me it was ok, to dream and live fully. 

I received a beautiful quote this morning from a friend and it touched me so deeply that I needed to include it here, to share with the world this special gift.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

― Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Thanks to T, check out the original post here :

The 100-Word Story Challenge

My nominees are:
If you want to take part and aren’t listed here, you are of course welcome to join in the fun. Here is to friendship, and thank you for being a part of my journey.

Peace and love


Either or

Moving in ease and flow

Whichever way the fair winds blow.

Lazy afternoons spent cruising

Mind through fingertips moving here and there,

No destination in mind

Just being within the open space

Of this never ordinary life.

Reading thoughts penned

Closing my eyes to images which better to see,

Not encumbered by outer stimuli

Just escaping into the colors

That I find lacking beyond this view.

November skies grey and lifeless

Except for the moving of the trees to acknowledge 

Breezes living in barren branches,

And behind the glass a mind calls for ease,

For simple beauty in an artists stroke,

Of pastel beauty that calls my name.

As hounds sleep, dreaming in whimpers of chasing game,

this day meanders on at a pace reminiscent of the sea

Rippled on calm days,

Reflective of thoughts

Perpetually going astray,

No map to read to find the way,

Just going with the flow

Where the subtle winds blow.
Beautiful artwork found at :

Please note, if you love me…you can buy me this just because…

Just kidding….I think. Either or…..

I still love you all,

Peace and beautiful things, K


Sometimes words come unexpectedly and touch something so deep, had to share and hope you enjoy as much as I did. Amazing poetry. Peace, K


when i was young and raw and mixed
open as a road far from fixed
i let within all earth illusion
and laughed at every mind confusion

but time then forged a wary shield
welded block in magnetic field
and spears to throw when threats arose
weapons against potential foes

and barricaded in self-protection
i fought the world’s increased rejection
learned to look on each new advance
with narrow eye suspicious glance

if i try to tell this change of heart
to those who’ve yet to play the part
i squander hours still left to spend
and gamble the chance for a happy end

each privileged man pursues his taste
picks what’s precious from the waste
selects what suits discards the rest
in quest for all that’s bright and best

but poor and hungry and dispossessed
don’t have the chance to choose the best
they dream what dreams are sent…

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Morning skies beam in colors

brisk breath hanging on air,

caught up in the web-like fingers of the distant trees

hooked on a view beyond compare.

I stand like a fool on the hill

balanced on the slope I stop my thoughts wondering

why it is these things we do without thought,

leaning to stay steady

just something we do without realizing,

how in tune our bodies are to terrain

and how we seldom fall as if somewhere,

invisible wires keep us upright

standing strong.

The sun moves higher too,

on its course doing what it always does

just because

the cosmic pull from night to dawn

the internal workings of the universe

unseen but there.

Energy pulls us upright within as each step taken

moving down the hill to more level ground

we lean and step taking care

to move ourselves into just the right position

as we gaze above at the might of the unknown,

and hooked on all that we see

or dream.

Door of peace

Moon gazer,

round orb energy speeds through

opening doors of peace.

Circular thoughts move gently,

historic writings remembered

with the entrance of calm.

A familiarity of stars

stand watch at the gates of memory,

ornate knob begs for a hand

to unlock and open

the way of the truth.

Pushing aside the fears,

the unknown and unseen

and setting wide the mind

to absorption of life,

oh sweet moon above,

these gifts you uncover

as you sink below the land

beyond the view

yet seen through the spirit

as she awakens moving past

your ancient portal

of all that is.

A Thankful Heart – Finale

More thankful words from the ever amazing Cynthia Morgan….beautiful and fills the heart to overflowing.



A Thankful Heart is Open to Blessings
because it is closed to worry, doubt, and wailing.

A Thankful Heart is Filled with Love
because it empties itself of loathing, greed, and envy.

A Thankful Heart is Overflowing with Peace
because it does not Share itself with lies, distrust, and negativity.

A Thankful Heart Touches Others with its Blessings and Love
because it is Ever in the Presence of Love and Blessing.

A Thankful Heart Speaks in Kindness, Patience and Empowerment
because it does not Speak of hate, intolerance or to incapacitate.

A Thankful Heart Chooses its Path Each Day with Diligence and Joy
because it does not Concentrate on what it cannot do.

A Thankful Heart Walks in Hope, Love, Peace and Joy
because it Knows nothing else.

A Thankful Heart Shares its Purpose
because it is Incapable of Withholding All that Pours from its Abundant Profusion.

Embark upon Each…

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