The wise soul

She filters into my thoughts 

When least expected,

The wondering at absence

Of missing her gift.

She whispers in dreams

I am here my child she says

Shining her simple light

The star above my head winks

And I know the energy sent

Signs of the wise soul.

Her laughter and joy

Infectious like a blissful plague

Ravaging my psyche

With merriment

And miles away she colors

Her magic pens slashing

Exposing the truth

That through wires sent

Once more to touch my mind

With her truth

Of paths we travel

And I know I’m moving forward,

Forging a new way

To find the gifts

Gathering them like the leaves that fall,

In The air we throw them like confetti,

A million wishes sent

Between the hearts of friends.
My girlfriend is an amazing soul and allowed me to use her photo that found me when I needed it most. Peace and love, K

20 thoughts on “The wise soul

  1. You are a light in this world, and so very proud of you and your journey for great things and amazing moments. Your wise words lift my days and remind me that we can overcome. Bless you m dear friend, miss seeing you in Person and so I close my eyes and see in my mind, that shining smile and bright happy gleam in your eyes. Dancing in joy, love you, Kim


  2. My beautiful friend who has the Midas touch of being able to flow with the pen when creating poetry that captures the essence of your ideas and then speaks them into imagery of visual dazzlement… I LOVE you and I am once again so humbled by the title, honored with all the was created with your words and so deeply touched. I LOVE this and I especially love the line “her magic pens slashing exposing the truth…”. YOU are so inspiring Kim and you are such a gift to me. I love you so much and all over again. ❤ Thank you so much, Love. ❤ All my love and the biggest of hugs. ❤

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  3. Hope all is well my friend. She is a wise one, you’d like her. She posted that pic and I realized just how much you miss people when they live so far away. Happy Tuesday my friend, K


  4. She is an amazing person, a motivational speaker who has turned her life around and her inspiration motivates all she touches. I am blessed to have her in my life, even though she lives across the country, her presence and energy find me when I need it most.
    Thank you Hariod, peace and blessings, K

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  5. She is so amazing that way. She is a beautiful soul and has risen from the unbelievable bottom to soaring, a motivational speaker who is so gifted, by speaking her truth, she sets free the inner love to the world😊 thank you and have a beautiful day. K

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  6. The best of friends scattered around the world, giving insight into healing and moving through life lighter with each piece of baggage dropped along the way. Thanks Russ, so glad you enjoyed🙂


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