Diffused thought

Filtered through
A lens of a life
Moving in shadows and light
Of love and happiness.
Soft simple days spent
Under November skies filled
Shapely clouds give pause
Dappled sun
To warm the soul.
Leaving to fly high,
Temporary transplant to places
Where the white Sand meets water
Water moves in and out
Seeking the horizon,
Tomorrows that always come
In shades of diffused possibilities
Movement forward
Into the truth of dreams
Waiting patiently
For the touch of bliss,
And the caress of winds
To blow you home.

Beautiful photo found at: Light Taiwan in by Diffuse Erliao

16 thoughts on “Diffused thought

  1. Thank you Elouise, it was one of those days where I felt my mind in a filter, thoughts sifted this way and that…sometimes I guess that’s a good and creative way to spark the words. Thank you my friend, I appreciate you so😊 K

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  2. Beautiful poem. I love the lines about seeking the horizon–so many possibilities, as suggested by the photo. Each possibility as intriguing as the others.

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  3. I’m slacking today, haven’t done a post, woke up too early and brain still not up to speed, lunch time perhaps I think🙃🙂 glad to start your day off with a smile, thank you? 💜K

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  4. Thanks Kat, I thought the pic so lovely too, doesn’t exactly match the words but that’s ok🙃it is relaxing to look at nonetheless 🙃 loving the upside down smiley too as you can see. Peace and love, K


  5. I also unfollowed and refollowed so that I get you in my mailbox. My iPad WordPress has filtered a lot out, comments set my bearings straight again in case you were wondering why I haven’t been visiting. Namaste, K

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