Have you seen it?

I think I may have misplaced
Or perhaps lost my poem….
It was in fact quite good,
Although I may have dropped it
As I tripped over the bones
Moving in the dark like a ghost
Ethereal and not quite there,
Or perhaps I lost it in the rain
As the hounds sniffed the ground
Meandering around
Passing time just doing
Maybe they fell in the toilet
As I reached into the bowl bottom
The two pennies from my pocket
Heads up of course, good luck?
Does that count for extra wishes
As my hand pulls them out
Shaking off the excess
And thanking the heavens it was
A clean porcelain holder,
In the safety of home.
As the cat rubbed her damp sticky fur
Shaking the coat on fresh jeans,
I notice the thickness
Bending over to stroke
The plush and get a swat.
I’ve lost my poem,
Somewhere this morning it sat on the edge
A humpty dumpty wanna be,
Falling into pieces
As the coffee moved too slowly through
So if you find it,
Please forward to me
Collect no charges
And just for fun
A photo of a cat
Just because
I’ve gone crazy like that.

A rough morning, topped off with my change falling in the lol…not the brightest thing to do….sorry for my morning insanity. Peace out, K