Three day quote challenge-Day one

I was offered this challenge by T.Wayne over at The mission: To post three days consecutively a quote and nominate 3 other bloggers to join the challenge.
Now I’m not normally a big fan of these things, just ask anyone who has been kind enough to give me awards, ones that are still waiting to be officially accepted. I shall try my best to fulfill the goal, but you know me, so easily distracted by shiny things and beautiful dead men to write poems about. So without further babbling, my quote for today is:

“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today”

James Dean

I have always loved this quote and as a young girl was a huge fan of Mr. Dean. Later in life it moved to a fascination for the likes of Heath Ledger and Kurt Cobain (before they passed on),such a tragic loss of young talented men. But they lived the quote, squeezing out the breath out of life by pursuing their passion then dying young…seems I have a knack for picking them. In hindsight I think what drew me to them was something in their eyes that set them apart from others, something that shined in its sadness, almost as if to say, watch me fly. And then they were gone.

I hereby with the power invested in me, nominate the following to play if they so desire, and if they decline, well that’s cool too…but please, in the meantime, stop by and check out these awesomely fun places, drop them a line, say hello, and enjoy.

Ethereal mind

Slipping into states
Caught between wake and dream
Wind howls like banshee shrieks
Cut the night
Like knives.
Black grey cloud in endless movement
Shutter in the ceiling
The thought runs loose
Slipping bounds of tight wrapped shrouds
She walks in silence
Walking walls in mystic lands
No place to rest
And empty chairs still warm
From the seat of thought
That rose unaided,
Cautiously stepping
Between the drops
Of sideways rains.
Bare branches grasp
The dying leaves
Of muted hues of death
Clinging a final moment
Before the fall into
A maelstrom of invisible motion,
Then gone
Sucked away by the connection,
Intubation by universal chain
But she doesn’t understand the words,
The verse that plays
Somewhere in her mind,
Broken chorus lullabies,
Her history sinking
Like ships in gale force winds,
Taking to the depths,
Into the darkness
It all descends.

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