Ethereal mind

Slipping into states
Caught between wake and dream
Wind howls like banshee shrieks
Cut the night
Like knives.
Black grey cloud in endless movement
Shutter in the ceiling
The thought runs loose
Slipping bounds of tight wrapped shrouds
She walks in silence
Walking walls in mystic lands
No place to rest
And empty chairs still warm
From the seat of thought
That rose unaided,
Cautiously stepping
Between the drops
Of sideways rains.
Bare branches grasp
The dying leaves
Of muted hues of death
Clinging a final moment
Before the fall into
A maelstrom of invisible motion,
Then gone
Sucked away by the connection,
Intubation by universal chain
But she doesn’t understand the words,
The verse that plays
Somewhere in her mind,
Broken chorus lullabies,
Her history sinking
Like ships in gale force winds,
Taking to the depths,
Into the darkness
It all descends.

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9 thoughts on “Ethereal mind

  1. Sometimes those come out the best. Ones like these are just a squirrelly little path my mind travels down, I let it flow and voila….so either it makes some sort of sense, or some times I wonder 😊 thank you, that means so very much😊Kim


  2. I love the courage you took to publish something while half awake, and what a lovely poem it was. You are really my favorite poet on here, I follow some great poets but yours always strike a truth with me.

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  3. I’m feeling more an key….the weather blustery but the weekend is here and I’m looking forward to the peace and sleep😊 thanks Elouise, sometimes these feelings just drift through,life changing and rearranging….then suddenly it uprights itself and he mood brightens and smooth sailing😊 have a wonderful weekend my friend, Kim

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  4. A strange place to be. Neither here nor there. Watching and birthing at midnight. Forgetting and remembering what seemed so clear at the moment yet remains a lost mystery. Lovely, though I’m certain you’d rather be sleeping!

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  5. Thank you, my discombobulated mind at work early in the morning, not enough sleep but hitting publish I said we will see…..thank you and I’m so glad you enjoyed it, your comment means so much. Have a great weekend, K

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  6. Since the new moon cropped up, I’ve been a bit off, maybe a long weekend of sound sleep will help ease the bizarre drifty patterns….weather not helping much, snow expected….argh….not ready quite yet…have a lovely weekend. Are you still writing short stories? Take care, K


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