The only certainty
Is in the quiet calm of morning
Of the day after
The sun will rise
Perhaps unseen
Hidden behind the darkest cloud
Falling like mist
Smothering the light
It still remains
The rising sun
Carrier of the lost thought
Scattered and unfocused
Wandering the surface
Searching for salvation,
Moving through the darkness
Into the faint coming of a new day
Leaving the sadness behind
Of the humanity of all as one
United as the red spills to the floor
From the cup once toasted
In joy and now dripping down
Into the cracks of history.
Everywhere a moment,
A place where for but an hour
Time stopped and souls stood
Open mouth gaping
At the carnage of horror,
Never grasping the hate
As the hearts of those so pure
Unable to understand
That some are not the same,
That the numbers adding up
Everywhere that hate grows,
Dark dank holes leading down.
Adding machine clicks off
The tape spitting a stream totaling
One more
Then another,
And I long for the tape to run dry,
For the battery to expire
For the machine to become
Still somewhere as the sun rises
Beyond the quiet fields,
Beyond the sea,
I imagine

20 thoughts on “Everywhere

  1. You, you’ve changed up your name above I see, I always enjoy all of your pieces, you have such a creative mind and it amazes me where these stories take me, just wondering at how the wheels turn so that you can create the mystery and intrigue 😊 peace and blessings, K


  2. Thank you Kat, I had to stew on it a day and let it soak in. This world is a mad house it seems some days, but it is history repeating itself, just new forms and faces….a sorry state but I can always hope that Love will overcome 😉

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  3. Yes, love shall overcome, for love is all that matters in the end. To love we will be the embodiment of love…you have been so instrumental in allowing me to believe in myself, a catalyst for spreading the light, the love and to create in the light, bless you my friend, love and light, Kim💜


  4. Yes.. the use of the Word ‘Reflections’ is right.. For it is what we reflect out that is being reflected back.. The more of us who can send out Love and not buy into Fear helps heal and bring Peace to our world.. Wishing you a perfect day in Love and Harmony.. xxx Sue x

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  5. And I also for you. Sometimes I think the world has gone mad…it is then that reflections of peace ripple through me and I have to believe the the good of humanity will rise and be all about the love, not the hate. Namaste, K

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  6. I work with a gentleman from France, I can only image the fear while waiting to find out news of friends and family. Tragedy ripples and is felt by all, I needed a day to process but as the sun rose this morning, it was time to write…thank you, peace and blessings my friend, Always, K

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  7. Such a beautiful poignant poem encapsulating events even now too raw for many.. May Love and Light push its way through all the shadows of grief my friend… As we allow the Sun to shine upon a New Day that is Dawning.. Love and Blessings Sue xx

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  8. Feeling contemplative these days, reading A course in miracles and delving in to find the peace that many times evades our search, and we turn and see it was within us, but the journey is a process to becoming and the sun keeps,on keeping on, as do we, with the remembrance of darkness that pushes us towards the light😊 thank you Michael.

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  9. A heartfelt piece, Kim. I long for that little adding machine to run out of paper, too, or be unplugged from the socket. But you are right: still the sun rises. Glorious and wobbling the skies just as it soars past the horizon, unperturbed, undaunted, steady as ever in its life-giving presence. We would do well to adopt such a consistent giving in the face of events that compel us to take stock and hold tight…


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