3 Day 3 quote wrap up…special guest award too

Well, I thought I was done here and then I was artfully taunted with an award by one of my first nominees and he was just so green (not with envy) and he is a blogger who has been with me since the beginning I knew I just had to have one more go on his behalf. And to be able to claim my superhero award of course. Sorry my friend, you can’t have it back….I’m keeping him.

Who is he? you may ask? welllllll, a quirky fellow who at first I didn’t know what to do with. But I kept on popping in and he would pop in and he has this lovely green stuffed frog, now how can you not love fuzzy reptiles I ask. So he in my eyes is a superhero. Guess what the award is? Yep, a superhero award. Now if you want your own, you have to stop in and admit to your special power and he may bestow it upon your superhero self. Now isn’t that just way cool? He’s from Canada, so I guess that makes him way cool too (at least 10 months out of the year). So without further ado and most likely topped with maple syrup….

His three quotes are as follows:

1.)  ‘You can lead a horse to water, but if you take him to a bar, he’ll tell you everything!’ – spartacus2030

2.) ‘A convincing argument is not proof of correctness’ – spartacus2030
3.) ‘No expectations,no disappointments’ – Author unknown
His nominees are as folows:

Here are his three nominees:
1.) https://herladypinkrose.wordpress.com/2015/11/14/may-all-hearts/
2.) https://mysketchbookproject.wordpress.com/
3.) https://lemanshots.wordpress.com/
You can find my friend Spartacus and possibly claim your very own superhero award here:


He is a master at computer language, cool things to do, etc….I don’t know why we get along because I really think I need to take a master class in cut/copy and paste….and still I’d call IT first. Stop in and say Hi and check out his three nominees. 

The senses of the stars

November constellation,

you trace your name across skin

like stars marking each point

energy flows with the caress

chakra points illuminate

resonate with the universe

at one with all that is.

We become

that which we gather

that we touch and see

that we taste like the sweetest of honey,

hearing the echoes of silence

we reach up to touch the distance

between a heart and forever.