The art of shining

In the darkness lay answers

invisible to the mortal eye

Visions of light filtered,

the image like a spectral ghost

how it all will be.

Behind closed lids the dance of beams

passing thoughts move like cars

careening down deserted highways

headlights bounce off trees

eyes cast blue like tunnels

descending into black.

Reflection of thought keep company

moving through fingers unaware

distracted by the shallow moments

snippets of moving pictures

capturing the mind.

Into the day of sublime haziness

sunlight flickers through holes  in the soul,

being open to the coming of all imagined

the art of shining painted

broad strokes of today and forever

canvas back lit for effect

of a million stars that know us,

by name they call us to see

reflection of self in each glimmer

moving closer to become whole

as bright as the sun.