Everything and nothing

Between a thought and the empty space

nestled in a memory bank of illusions

I see between the raging wind

words unknown, never spoken.

Lofty heights above bubbling clouds

there waits the sun with shimmering light,

And these thoughts keep moving

in sleep and dreams,

spaces and places

where everything is all

and nothing fills the chasm

between now and forevers days.

Water washes down on souls

endless rain on deserts pool

reflecting skies and infinity.

no name given to the miracles

except for that which is

the symbols of our waking hours,

compartmentalized to make sense

when there is the depths

that cannot be fathomed,

where there a thought of emptiness

there waiting,

between the sliver of reason

where everything

and nothing resides.

29 thoughts on “Everything and nothing

  1. Sugar pop huh? That’s a cereal with frogs In it right? Which link are you talking about for the new blog? Still waking up, got to sleep in today which in itself is pretty awesome…snowflakes breed, they live in the clouds above the lake and they get all dizzy and fall down making a crap ton mess….❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️😈


  2. You too sugar Pop! Chance of snow? I love snow in early morning sunlight because the sun glitters off the surface and creates a million different colored sparkles… Odd things snowflakes. Not one looks the same, so I think they breed! I love your new blog but the link does just bring up a file. I know you’ll figure it out.TTFN Kim… Love: Asperagas

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  3. Thank you my friend, finally the weekend has arrived, chance of snow tomorrow, did you send hat down for me? Not appreciative by the way, take it back…..I dislike the cold….but I like you and have a great day😊🍁


  4. Wow! Sure deep emotions… The poem flows along beautifully Kim; almost magically! I liked it so much, I read it twice. ‘Enldess rain on deserts pool’ I gotta tell ya Kim! This stuff is really deep! So much thought between the lines. Wonderful post!

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  5. Not a thing wrong with that – thanks for the visual! 😉 Now go swagger your way through this day.


  6. Thanks Kat, they were quite striking this morning, looked almost like chocolate on ice cream, two distinctly different cloud banks, just too dark to capture on film, but I have them in my memory camera now😊 have a great weekend my friend, 💜K

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  7. Thank you so much, I truly thought my day couldn’t get any better and there you go and made me smile so big, I think my face is breaking…so giddy with joy and welcome to my world, I love your blog too, your writing style makes for great reading and I’m glad I found you too😊

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  8. Yes, I wake up mainly in the middle of the night, with a line in my head that will not go away.. So out comes my journal and the best lines are channelled this way, just clearing the mind and allowing them to flow..
    Enjoy your weekend and Keep Channelling 😀 xxx

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  9. How I can feel this one in my bones – lovely, haunting, beautiful. I am thrilled to have found your work and be a part of the space you have created here. Xo

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  10. What a lovely song and video, perfect for waking his morning as I sipped my coffee, soothing and beautiful. Thank you for,sharing this. A nice way to begin my day as my eyes slowly focus and see. Peace and blessings my friend, K


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  11. Thank you, i like the think of them almost as ghost thoughts/words, you can kind of see them and yet they are on the fringe of capture, sometimes they let us grab hold, other times they remain on the edge of thought teasing 🙂 Have a great Friday, K

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  12. It is hard to write when one can’t find the right words to use. There are times when I am inspired, but cannot find the right expressions for it. LOL

    But I really like the things you wrote because it shows one’s talent and skills of both the language and the mind. Absolutely wonderful.

    And you have a beautiful day too, K!
    Take care! 😉

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  13. K you Sherrie, so glad you enjoyed it. Some days I find it so difficult to take compliments as when I write I often wonder where it comes from, this morning I wrote this in my car, just channeling he wisdom I suppose but I almost didn’t hit publish, something whispered just do,it, and I am glad I did. Thank you for your kind words, I am blessed, truly. Have a beautiful day, K

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  14. Channeled wisdom in my car this morning, I kept going back thinking , what?, and then just said let it ride and it all fell together, sometimes that is the best way, peace, K

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  15. Thank you Amy, some days they flow and this one actually came in spurts, wasn’t sure if it pieced together nicely or not but I guess now that I reread, I hit the right notes😊 thank you so much and glad you enjoyed it, Peace and love, K

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  16. Powerful words, Kim. How so many of us take for granted the Gift of words when at times they are so elusive and at other times come so fast we can barely manage to keep up writing them down. Beautiful thoughts. Thank you! Have a great day!!! ❤

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