We shall

Under summer star filled skies

In a place where wishes are spent

In abundance

For they fall at our feet

And we just laugh and laugh

For the lightness of everything

Asks for nothing more

Except this,

This very moment beneath the dipper

And the moon that sits waiting

To hear our whispered dreams.

We will sit here when we grow old

Yet we will remain young

For that is where our thoughts dwell

In the playground

Swinging back and forth

Kicking higer into the clouds

That make the ceiling of this happy house

And the sun will smile at us,

At the joy we spill like lemonade

Shiny yellow sweetness

And I will look at you then

As I do now,

With so much love

The universe could never contain.

We shall be there

Living our moments

Reaching for our dreams

And we shall laugh and dance,

For that is all that will matter

At the end of our days,

That we did it all together

That love is all.