Captured in travel

It came to me then,

Watching the lofted clouds climbing 

Like heavenly stairs rising

Into the blue.

I turned around after hesitating,

Yet something spoke to me

To turn round and go back,

Come to see this vision,

And in gravel road side weeds I stopped,

Vacating the warmth of my metal box

As cars raced by destination unknown.

I stood there 

Eyes filled with the rays that fell

Touching the ground gently,

Just watching silently

The movement,

The way the light hit just the right way,

The perfect way that said

This moment will not come again like this,

Here right now

Overlooking the silent field

Where under summer skies the horses move about

Yet they were strangely absent today,

Perhaps seeking shelter

From the chilling wind

High on this hill.

I watched with peace flowing through my soul,

And capturing the scene

Turned around smiling

Headed for the home

That waited patiently

For my welcome.


9 thoughts on “Captured in travel

  1. I love nature, heck, I love everything and find it all so inspiring. I began writing as a kid, and never did anything with any of it, quit writing for a few years and then started this blog almost two years ago. Have poetry published In a compilation poetry book and hope to publish my own at some point in the glad you enjoyed it, have a beautiful day😊K

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  2. Thank you so much, it was a beautiful sight to say the least, enough to make me turn around and find a spot where I could get a pic with the iPad . I’m so glad you enjoyed😊K

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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