The simple art of life

We start out so simply it seems,

One grain, then another added

Almost like ingredients to create

Our dream life.

A cup packed tight with well wishes

With a host of thoughts blended in,

Memories in cups and spoons measure perhaps,

Or joyfully tossed into the mix,

Building up each day

Each year that at times can feel so very long

And we look back through the rearview mirror

And wonder where it all went.

But we keep building higher,

Smoothing the edges

Peering through windows at beautiful sights,

Embracing the light at the end of day

That flickers and finds us contemplating peace

Near water’s edge where the moon glistens

And the skies bend near to hear our prayers.

Each step leading us higher

To the soul we become

To the richness of life that finds us

At life’s end,

A magnificent masterpiece,

Slipping into a far off place,

Taken and swept out by the tides

Into the everything and nothing

That we are.


15 thoughts on “The simple art of life

  1. I am simple that way. I say that in a good way of course. I have been blessed with the portal to flow,words, for good, bad or otherwise, but it works and suits me and I sleep so well so that I may dream, and in doing so, awake each morning fresh with new writing fodder😊 I appreciate your kind words, always, K


  2. It is quite pretty huh, googled sand castle images, think it’s in Australia somewhere😊I look beyond and see snow, I’d rather see a warm beach though😊 K


  3. Thank you so much, you start with nothing and keep adding to create beauty, kind of the parallel for life and everything. Thank you, I am so happy you enjoyed😊 peace and blessings, K

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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