Depths of forgotten temples….peace waiting

In far away places

Silence gathers 

Thoughts run deep

Images through waking sleep,

Peace fills the resting soul

Like thick air that weighs the skies

And roots that run deep

Beyond mortal sight.

Perhaps I shall never

Tread these grounds except in dreams

Of jungles and yesterday towns,

Of temples turning back into 

Stone empty vessels

Yet still filled with energy

Of hearts and prayers

And a simple movement

Of earth to self once more.

Today we wander through days

Nomads of the day to day necessity-

On icy ribbons we move,

Longing for the green of life,

As we stand on grounds of bitter cold white,

And pebbles fall from the skies un contained,

Deepening upon themselves

Gathering together in mocking truth.

To close your eyes and breathe in,

The rich ground of decay and life,

Soft moss dampened by water endlessly falling,

Into the heart of a land,


Far away in bustling cities,

These dreams sustain through Novembers biting wind,

Howling through barren forests that wait through winter

Longing for spring renewal,

Jungles of life lush and beauty unseen,

Temples where peace lives

Untainted by the presence

Of darkness.

Beautiful image found at :

25 thoughts on “Depths of forgotten temples….peace waiting

  1. I haven’t looked at them yet, waiting for my four day vacation to start, so much to catch up on and I just have been a bit off, I know they will be fabulous though, as you have the eye for beauty of forests green and other such images 🙂 peace and love, K


  2. I hope you aren’t too disappointed that I only had posted this one picture from my time there. I have 35mm film that hasn’t been digitized, lots of it.

    It’s also fun to travel virtually anywhere ❤ Travel is good, and so is being home, making home 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Kim!!!! I am grateful to connect to trees, and to share roots in earth with you, and life journeys with my blogger friends 🙂

    We’ll be taking a short trip up North where there are more trees. Usually there’s a special tree I connect with, and we share some sun and shade alike. Blessed be, xo K

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  3. Thank you so much Jennifer, so glad you enjoyed😊 was feeling the need for steamed jungle warmth and the temple overgrown just fit, he is a great photographer too. Peace and blessings, K


  4. Linked memories through space and time, and the trees rooted beneath our feet twining through the earth. I do adore the trees and I will check out your photos from the journey. That had to be spectacular, never been over seas, except over the sea to Puerto Rico😊 thanks Ka and have an amazing day😊K

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  5. Hi Kim,
    Your post reminded me of my journey to Angkor Wat. This image brings us “full-cycle” on our connection over trees 🙂 Maybe you visited this place with me. 😉 Have a beautiful, wonderful Thanksgiving~ It’s been nice to take a moment to share in celebrations with you. Here’s the link to the picture at Ankor Wat: I was there in 2001. I almost forgot all about it – but that is never really possible. I hope to go back, but it will never be the same as it was then. It is another precious memory of actual dreams coming true-true. What dreams of yours may be coming true?
    Much Love,

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  6. Yeah, I am the same way. I usually get inspired by the image and the words come. My post today was the opposite. I wrote it on Sunday and spent yesterday and this morning to find the image.


  7. A lovely road to travel this morning, black ice so thin….most treacherous, truly.❄️ good thing the game is in New England tonight, I don’t think Brady could hack the cold here😀


  8. I started with the photo and the words just fell in line with the vision, so glad you enjoyed and kudos to the photographer of such beauty. Peace and blessings, K


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