A Thankful Heart – Finale

More thankful words from the ever amazing Cynthia Morgan….beautiful and fills the heart to overflowing.



A Thankful Heart is Open to Blessings
because it is closed to worry, doubt, and wailing.

A Thankful Heart is Filled with Love
because it empties itself of loathing, greed, and envy.

A Thankful Heart is Overflowing with Peace
because it does not Share itself with lies, distrust, and negativity.

A Thankful Heart Touches Others with its Blessings and Love
because it is Ever in the Presence of Love and Blessing.

A Thankful Heart Speaks in Kindness, Patience and Empowerment
because it does not Speak of hate, intolerance or to incapacitate.

A Thankful Heart Chooses its Path Each Day with Diligence and Joy
because it does not Concentrate on what it cannot do.

A Thankful Heart Walks in Hope, Love, Peace and Joy
because it Knows nothing else.

A Thankful Heart Shares its Purpose
because it is Incapable of Withholding All that Pours from its Abundant Profusion.

Embark upon Each…

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What joys will you find when you come for a visit to my little place? Sheer joys, Listed in order of importance. ~one~ My daughter in law sewed a delightful pillow for me. Upon it, no truer words: “My greatest joys in life, Call me, Nana.” ~two~ My youngest daughter gave to me this perfect […]

Our memories are joys unlike no other, sharing this great post to add more joy to our Thankful/gratitude/joy party. Stop by the original please to comment and check out Baby Hendrix too while there…..he is a cutie pie.💜 

Giving Thanks

More thanks to share with the world. Gratitude is just spilling all over the place, send me your links and I will reblog for the Thanksgiving party we are enjoying, it’s not too late, will be going on all week. Mary here, has an amazing list and stop by her page and leave any comments, who doesn’t love a 70 pound puppy, hmmm? Squeeeeee….so happy.

Walking my path: Mindful wanderings in nature

Today, I am grateful for gratitude. It is my most joyful feeling.

Thankfully, I am grateful for a multitude of reasons. I wrote this a year ago, but I feel the same.

In this moment, I am grateful for this warm cup of Jasmine tea on this very cold and blustery day.

I am grateful for my 70 pound puppy, who jumps into my lap for her morning “lubbins.”

DSCN2270 - Copy

I am grateful for my beautiful friends and family – the deep love, and support we are to one another. I am grateful for how deeply I see my own Soul reflected in the eyes of my dear ones, and how that feels like home.

I am grateful for the delight in the natural world, and for fully enjoying the wonder and beauty of the moment.

I am grateful for inspiration.

I am grateful for the desire to live each day…

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