Door of peace

Moon gazer,

round orb energy speeds through

opening doors of peace.

Circular thoughts move gently,

historic writings remembered

with the entrance of calm.

A familiarity of stars

stand watch at the gates of memory,

ornate knob begs for a hand

to unlock and open

the way of the truth.

Pushing aside the fears,

the unknown and unseen

and setting wide the mind

to absorption of life,

oh sweet moon above,

these gifts you uncover

as you sink below the land

beyond the view

yet seen through the spirit

as she awakens moving past

your ancient portal

of all that is.

12 thoughts on “Door of peace

  1. Thank you Michael,
    Your words always fill me with a happy gentle calm, knowing you understand the time and space, everything and nothing moments that tickle me pink😊 awoke with a smile today, as I have for the last few days, waiting for the sun to catch up to the joy of the heart, shining it’s morning kiss on the land. Have a lovely and amazing day,
    Peace and love,

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  2. Both delicious and haunting, Kim. I grew quiet as the moon sank below the land, and left in its wake such wondrous gifts that we all are learning how to recognize and make our own… as we retrace familiar steps through the portals of eternity here with one another…


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  3. you are most welcome, I enjoy the doors in my mind, where creation can morph into anything. Amazing thing, the mind. Rich with possibilities. Have an amazing day, peace and love, K


  4. Thank you my friend, really enjoyed your post telling of your diving days in the mighty Niagara river, a friend of mine used to do that a lot and found anchors too, and prohibition bottles of booze still full, etc….amazing what lies below the moving currents, like a whole other world of yesterday waiting to be found. have a wonderful holiday 🙂 K

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  5. You also Mary, it was a lovely shade of gold here in western New York, I saw this picture and it reminded me of what was slipping below sight and opening doors to possibility😊 have an amazing day, peace and love, Kim


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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