Morning skies beam in colors

brisk breath hanging on air,

caught up in the web-like fingers of the distant trees

hooked on a view beyond compare.

I stand like a fool on the hill

balanced on the slope I stop my thoughts wondering

why it is these things we do without thought,

leaning to stay steady

just something we do without realizing,

how in tune our bodies are to terrain

and how we seldom fall as if somewhere,

invisible wires keep us upright

standing strong.

The sun moves higher too,

on its course doing what it always does

just because

the cosmic pull from night to dawn

the internal workings of the universe

unseen but there.

Energy pulls us upright within as each step taken

moving down the hill to more level ground

we lean and step taking care

to move ourselves into just the right position

as we gaze above at the might of the unknown,

and hooked on all that we see

or dream.