Morning skies beam in colors

brisk breath hanging on air,

caught up in the web-like fingers of the distant trees

hooked on a view beyond compare.

I stand like a fool on the hill

balanced on the slope I stop my thoughts wondering

why it is these things we do without thought,

leaning to stay steady

just something we do without realizing,

how in tune our bodies are to terrain

and how we seldom fall as if somewhere,

invisible wires keep us upright

standing strong.

The sun moves higher too,

on its course doing what it always does

just because

the cosmic pull from night to dawn

the internal workings of the universe

unseen but there.

Energy pulls us upright within as each step taken

moving down the hill to more level ground

we lean and step taking care

to move ourselves into just the right position

as we gaze above at the might of the unknown,

and hooked on all that we see

or dream.

15 thoughts on “Hooked

  1. Thank you Emma, that was my morning sky and it was spectacular. I was hooked….plant long dead with the frost, empty hook waits for bird feeder now😊thank you, peace and blessings, K

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  2. Sleeping in kind of two days now….relaxing and being away from work is awesome. Can’t wait for the day we move to the sea….then relaxing by the beach at times😊☀️🌴

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  3. Nature is my muse most of the times, but then I have several others also but it was a gorgeous sky and this moon has lifted me into the highest realms of bliss too. So glad you enjoyed. I took this photo on my iPad, not the best quality but the colors caught well, sent my mind into thoughts of unknown reasons…a good subject for me😊 so glad you enjoyed my friend, K


  4. Ooo, I think that was an Aerosmith song…are you saying you take pics on vinyl? Now that is amazing…I like bugs….I usually let them live, but I don’t let them eat me, see, I slowly kill myself with poison spray so that they will leave me alone…then when I die, I don’t care if they eat me….that’s why Herve been around longer than us? See, we are so smart….why do you scale rocks? To see if they need to be on a diet? Maybe they ate too much dinner like me last night…but the football games were good, at least da bears and da cheese heads.


  5. You need to go find balance… I should write about my extrordinary craft, and my conquest of large rocks! Some nights I like to lie under the stars and let the bugs EAT ME!! LOL! Now that I have this very special camera, I really miss my big 10 inch :O(

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  6. Ah yes, truth there, it just leaves me spellbound at times where my thought goes so deep to find everything and nothing….makes one feel so tiny in the big scheme of the works. Peace and love my friend, K

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