Either or

Moving in ease and flow

Whichever way the fair winds blow.

Lazy afternoons spent cruising

Mind through fingertips moving here and there,

No destination in mind

Just being within the open space

Of this never ordinary life.

Reading thoughts penned

Closing my eyes to images which better to see,

Not encumbered by outer stimuli

Just escaping into the colors

That I find lacking beyond this view.

November skies grey and lifeless

Except for the moving of the trees to acknowledge 

Breezes living in barren branches,

And behind the glass a mind calls for ease,

For simple beauty in an artists stroke,

Of pastel beauty that calls my name.

As hounds sleep, dreaming in whimpers of chasing game,

this day meanders on at a pace reminiscent of the sea

Rippled on calm days,

Reflective of thoughts

Perpetually going astray,

No map to read to find the way,

Just going with the flow

Where the subtle winds blow.
Beautiful artwork found at : https://www.etsy.com/listing/242999517/either-or?ref=related-1

Please note, if you love me…you can buy me this just because…

Just kidding….I think. Either or…..

I still love you all,

Peace and beautiful things, K

6 thoughts on “Either or

  1. Thank you John, I think one of my favorite Moody Blues songs as I get older is Out and In, the way life moves and mind often travels a completely separate path where it wishes to, sometimes making sense but it knows where it’s going better than we think, I tend to believe. Have a beautiful weekend, peace and love, K

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