Bubbling life

Your words from deep below the surface

Night dreams filled with wonder and questions

And your laughter sweet and tinkling like a hundred tiny bells

Ringing through to my ears like a song of life

Spun of silver with the just right tone

Wind chimes of a chord remembered.

Eyes open in the darkness listening to the sounds of breath

Across the universe and all around me

Steady and smooth

Textured like a favorite pudding

Chocolate perhaps? Sliding off of spoons 

Swallowed with a smile

Knowing it is truly a bottomless bowl

This goodness never ending

A buffet of sweetness.

You spoke with a light smile,

Blue eyes crinkled with such mirth that I couldn’t help

But to smile in return,

And you said something then that made so much sense

Words I had never heard yet knew in my heart,

Gentle reminders about being inside out

And backwards and how laughter was all that ever mattered,

Really at this moment all that did make a difference.

I did not know you in life,

Not in the sense of a friend

Yet I grew up with you through years,

Admired the nature of your gift,

Cried with the world at your unexpected loss,

Yet you come to me in sleep now,

With the words bubbling up from below 

A million circles rising me from sleep

Cleansing in the waters of knowing

Drifting like the gentle waves

These messages come when needed,

Bottled with the unknown mystery

Of time and space that can never separate 

The minds of the like,

The souls connection.
Thoughts after some profound dreams that woke me before the sun rose, a unique array of characters that were trying to teach me things, and the laughter, yes, that is what I remember most of all, I woke smiling.

13 thoughts on “Bubbling life

  1. Thank you my friend, waking with a yawn this morning….four days off come to an end…back to the grind of work….I shall count down to the next vacation….or weekend😀 peace, K


  2. Thanks Sherrie, like precious messages floating in bottles, knowing they will reach the right person who needs the words. Thank you my friend and have an amazing day too 🙂
    Peace and love,

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  3. It always amazing to wake with a smile, remembering the dreams that inspired it and wondering now how do I format that into a post. Was dreaming of Robin Williams actually, we were talking and what he said, I knew I had to remember it because it was important. Strange, I never knew the man except in movies and tv shows. But it is what it is and I am never one to look a gift horse in the mouth 🙂 so glad you enjoyed it and have a laughter filled day too my friend 🙂 Peace and love,

    Liked by 1 person

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