In a magic minute

Eyes clearing in a dream of a sun

grounded in the moment

where the magic becomes.

On blades of grass fresh and new

turning stones over searching

for what may lie below.

Drifting on the daydream

running low on endless time

shadows give life

to the long rays reaching the ground.

Moments filled with magic

yesterdays and today collide

to merge into something discovered,

the remains of a second unnoticed

left behind to shine

like a shooting perfect star,

falling into my hand.

Locked out against the answers

between pages lies the key

of invisible harmony

moving endlessly.







In slumber she moves through

Time and space

Floating amongst the ethereal 

Clouds whisper


Escape from the moments

Eyes move in deepest sleep

Flickering images of beauty

Her craft drifting


Midnight moon gathering a cloak

Wrapping in shimmering vapor

Hazy sight for the dreamers who search

Gazing into cards and visions

Tea cup leaves she swims in the the midst

Of foretold movement

Reaching the edge of glass

She pulls herself out and waits

Quietly on the shore

For the next wave to approach.