On the gentle wind you came

finding me gazing the skies

searching for your presence,

for your sweet return.

I felt the chill of change

carrying me through years of memories,

the days growing shorter

air feeling painful to hands that write

and I knew I needed you,

needed to hear your sweet song once more,

to see the eyes that go on forever

smiling  in joy.

The feeder sits empty,

trees no longer give shade as they stand

naked sentries to the corners,

they too wait for your landing,

for your soft weightless form

to give the meaning to a view

desolate and sad.

The weather here changes it seems daily, and I have a fondness for the chickadees. I love their little faces and their merry chirps….perhaps time soon for seed. Holding off to make sure the racoons are tucked away for the winter nap and as the ice and snow begins, it will be time to hear the song in this place we call home.



Pieces bursting through

Empty holder sits

Unable to hold


Returning through portals 

Letting go hold 

On this piece of now.

Slipping in the sand

Of shores unknown

A life in a second.

Nameless empty streets

Cosmic highways wait for passengers,

Echoes of silence deafen

The heart of stillness


To hold forever

Embracing the majesty,

The wonder leaving spellbound

The mind that sees clearly

Everything that is

Nothing at all.

Tiny specks hang in space

Each crystal reflecting the light

Of every life lived before

This moment became